2016 PRIVY KOOKABURRA | Silver Unboxing


10 Responses to 2016 PRIVY KOOKABURRA

  1. ReviewsOFeverything says:

    i got five of them as well, check the rim and make sure they dont have dings! best of luck! subbed

  2. Silver Diva says:

    Nice kook, keep stacking.

  3. Silver Saver says:

    Beautiful Monkey privy 2016 Kook! Thanks for sharing!

  4. McG silver says:

    Nice pick ups. Thanks for showing. Subbed

  5. SILVER COINS & Дмитрий Васильев says:

    thumb up!

  6. SilverPig47 says:

    I think the mintages on the privy Kooks is one tenth of the "regular" issue…should appreciate well. Subbed your channel & best to you from the Pig.

  7. TheObsessedGardener says:

    Lol love the American mispronunciation of "cook-a-Burra"… Kooook-a-boora isn’t how we say it here. I guess I’m just being pedantic and precious.

  8. SilverPicker says:

    Nice pickup, thanks for sharing!

  9. TheObsessedGardener says:

    I think you made a very smart choice, indeed. I grabbed a few myself.

  10. The Silver Patriot says:

    Very nice video! The 2016 silver kookaburra is one of my favorite designs, Thanks for sharing and Keep stacking!