Gorgeous 1862 Civil War Gold 1$ coins unboxing and comparison | Silver Unboxing

Gorgeous 1862 Civil War Gold 1$ coins unboxing and comparison

Gorgeous 1862 Civil War Gold 1$ coins unboxing and comparison

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I havent been buying these very much as 95% of the ones available are too expensive, too problematic or the wrong types. This one came up on ebay usa but sold by an English guy Jon Blyth who I have bought from in the past.

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23 Responses to Gorgeous 1862 Civil War Gold 1$ coins unboxing and comparison

  1. Argentum Spartus says:

    Great pickup, it looks very nice!!

  2. John A says:

    A lot of history there…it looks in great shape. Best of luck at NGC

  3. hhhk20 says:

    The slabbed one does seem to appear as if it’s scratches have been buffed (smoothed) off. The new one looks great & appears problem free

  4. Silver Summit says:

    Wow, I want a Indian princess head or am looking for one presently. Very nice pick up. The newer one looks like it has slightly more luster than the details one but it is anyone’s guess what they’ll grade it. I have no idea how to tell if it’s properly cleaned. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Man InBlack says:

    I agree that u should bust it out of box and regrade it. could never hurt..lol

  6. ikeo net1 says:

    I’m thinking AU Details or AU58 for the new one. As for the old one, if you feel like cracking it out go for it. Otherwise, On the face it looks like iit should’ve passed, but would really love to see a video of it close up.. Do you have the original video prior to grading?

  7. SalivateMetal says:

    Very nice piece. I don’t think it’s been cleaned if so maybe slightly whizzed?


    Interesting dilemma Numistacker, but now that you have had the thought of having the first coin regraded, and have submitted the question to a jury of your peers for their opinion, as to whether or not they would do it appears to me, that this situation, this question of suspicion of weather or not the coin has indeed been improperly cleaned, or perhaps misdiagnosed is preying upon your mind, so I say, if you have an itch, scratch it. For Is it not better to know the true condition of the coin, for is it not better to put the matter to rest once and for all, than to live your life with a unresolved question or suspicion? If getting the coin regraded for a second time will put your mind at ease, will bring you closure concerning this matter, will prove your suspicion either right, or wrong, then I personally think yes, you should have the coin regraded. By the way, WOW!! really nice coins both of them!! As to whether your new coin has been cleaned or not, judging from the history concerning the coins you have bought from this EBay seller, I’d say more than likely, it hasn’t been cleaned, but that’s just my line of thought, for I know not, nor can I tell one way or the other, for that question, my friend, is out of my realm of expertise… May the Gods smile in your favor!! Peace Out…

  9. A Friend says:

    So far Mr Blith has been spot on. I would say, Go for it! Thank you for sharing Numi! :-))

  10. MUDSWAT says:

    MUCH rather have one of these than the new gold mercs !!
    Great coin !! I don’t think this coin has been cleaned but its hard to tell from a photo.

  11. 24K ArabiaFelix says:

    I am really getting into these old circulated coins more than the modern stuff, i guess the first two years was dedicated to modern coins but over the last year I have done a full 180

  12. Bomburk says:

    Have the 1867 version, Im just too scared to send it with the post, and I was told by NGC in Florida, its not possible to show up myself and get it graded.

  13. SilverSekeer1 says:

    Beautiful pice Numi! Thanks for sharing and good luck! Take care

  14. natascorpus666 says:

    just uploaded my my high resolution pictures of the 2016 Mercury Dime Centennial gold coin. http://ericjahnphotography.com/coin/

  15. MaxShiraz says:

    Yes that whole "improperly cleaned" thing is a mystery much of the time. I say crack ‘er out and try again – never know your luck.

  16. losinglouie says:

    The new coin looks nice to me but I will certainly be interested to see how he grades. In any event it’s a beautiful specimen. Take care, LL

  17. Yovany Mora says:

    I can’t believe the US mint found suckers to buy their hideously overpriced collectible merc. I understand that this coin is not bullion but to overprice it by such a large margin ensures that collectors who want to sell it long down the road lose money. Sorry for the rant and nice old gold numistacker

  18. JRW3 says:

    Maybe invest in some kind of microscope. I think sometimes these aren’t being polished, but dipped in a substance. Is there someone on the silverforum that can help you detect cleaned coins?

  19. silver spider says:

    two beautiful peices. i doesn’t look to be cleaned to me

  20. AuRebel says:

    Beautiful coin.

  21. Akeman says:

    I know you are a NGC guy but have you seen PCGS "photo grade online"? http://www.pcgs.com/Photograde/#/GoldDollar3/Grades
    It is a really great service. It puts your new coin in about MS61+ to my amateur eyes, if not improperly cleaned. 🙂

  22. Stokjockey says:

    Beautiful young Man across the POND……….

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