Apmex Silver Unboxing, New Wildlife Series The Great White Shark | Silver Unboxing

Apmex Silver Unboxing, New Wildlife Series The Great White Shark

Apmex Silver Unboxing, New Wildlife Series The Great White Shark

Airtite size: 32 mm Air-Tite Holder w/ Black Gasket
99.9% pure silver
Australian legal tender
Stunning reverse artistry
Comes in tubes and a mister box

The coin’s reverse features a detailed great white shark with silhouettes in the background. The inscription GREAT WHITE SHARK is also included in the design with The Perth Mint’s traditional ‘P’ mintmark and coin specifications.
The coin’s obverse bears the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the monetary denomination and the 2014 year date.

Silver content (troy oz) 0.5
Denomination (AUD) 0.50
Minimum Gross Weigh (g) 15.591
Max diameter (mm) 32.00
Max thickness (mm) 3.10

SD Bullion

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50 Responses to Apmex Silver Unboxing, New Wildlife Series The Great White Shark

  1. jiggysmb says:

    They upped mintage to 300,000. I wonder how many more times it will go up. Perth mint seems to be doing this more and more on high premium coins.

  2. bloodlust0605 says:

    How do you guys get these coins so fast?!

  3. Mrs. Silver Peacock says:

    Love the design! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Numis Mm says:

    What do you think the collectiblity/of this coin will be in the future? Not next year but in 10 to 20 years? Is there anything to compare it to? prob only the us commemorative type program which we know is pretty much a failure.

  5. Numismatic King says:

    This coin is a definite semi-numismatic player first in the series and a low mintage great coin will pick some up myself!

  6. GS PrepZ says:

    Awesome, I ordered me a tube of these as well as a PCGS MS-70.  I wish I would have ordered a MS 69 as well..  Both graded coins were sold out within an hour of launching these for sale.

  7. SAIDsoe says:

    Should I load up on these

  8. EDCandCOMMSJunky says:

    Very nice coin(s). Gonna pick up a few next week. Thanks for posting as you can really see the detail of the coin on your video. Peace

  9. LooseChange7325 says:

    Argh, I would love to put one, two..maybe ten of these into my stack.  Apmex shipping is $$$ for small orders, really kicks up the premium. 🙁

  10. Sodthong says:

    Just got ten, now available in the UK. Lovely coin i must say..

  11. Rajiv Maroo says:

    mintage is actually 300K

  12. Sam A says:

    Sharing the start of my new channel.  I have over 3,000 ounces of all kinds that I’ll be sharing about.  Just ordered 30 baseball coins, 1 gold.  Here is the most recent Panda purchase.  Learned a lot from Silverfish and others: http://youtu.be/HAI2OI5s1kQ

  13. Silver Colector says:

    Love the coin!

  14. Os He says:

    sorry to burst your bubble, this one is almost uglier than a 2014 koala.

  15. Dellrugby PM says:

    That’s one big Silverfish.  With teeth.   Perth should go with a Kilo on this one…

  16. MrVegiita says:

    not bad, not great. 

  17. TMI says:

    Great looking coin, going to pick some up, Thanks mate

  18. TheM3Silver says:

    Cool design. Not used to see perth mint coins without an airtite. Might do well 🙂

  19. jayrush01 says:

    ugly ugly coin..

  20. TeenBritishBullion says:

    Hey Silverfish,
    Would appreciate it if you could show some love for my videos lol.
    Thanks man and keep up the good work!

  21. hotneo7 says:

    So this is the Perth’s ‘Wolf’ and expected to skyrocket…really bugged at how they can get away with charging a 1/2oz as if it was a 1oz: $60 price tag for their graded coins when that means you just paid 3x the spot. If successful they’ll do more. I saw they had like 5 but in that one day sold out. I’m seeing a trend of mints just taking advantage of the YT stacker fever, and trying to make a buck during the dips since the miners must be gouging them to stay afloat…that’s how they pass the cost to the consumers…limited designs from the RCM…fractional silver from the Perth….Superman coins….they should just fess up and make XXX fractional coins to milk the market for all it’s worth…they’ll pony up. What next mints? silver coins of iPhones/Breaking Bad/or upload a family photo and they’ll customize it for you at a whopping $$$$$ minimum purchase of 10 monster boxes…try unloading that beast.

  22. Intalecrek The Coin Medic says:

    Modern Coin Mart has this coin as well….I thought it was an exclusive coin with APMEX?


    Wish i could get my hands on a tube but apmex and impolite canadians dont get along 🙁

  24. C S Harris says:

    Thanks for sharing! Really wanted to see a video before I ordered some.

  25. Silver Falkon says:

    I love the GWS!!!!!!

  26. Random Person says:

    Where do you purchase your airtights from? Any online vendors you could recommend?

  27. Numis Mm says:

    Still this a great coin whish it would be 1 ounce though. Yeh also how did you get this so fast? I just received the email today from Apmex, regarding this coin. What is the price you paid over 1/2 spot? I have been watching you and the others for over 2 years now on you tube. Would love a video of your attending a coin show’ scoping the merchandise, pricing, dealer interviews etc. Similar to Coin Weeks video series but more extensive and personal. Particularly on what’s hot and what’s not and

  28. Wesley Miller says:

    One benefit of the smaller size, you can buy a monster box of these for "only" $5277.

  29. ROBERT JIMENEZ says:

    No, you had it right. I saw they were advertising the mintage at 200,000 and then they changed it to 300,000 the day after the launch. No big deal, I was just wondering why they would do that. I’m just not sure if I should invest in these. I may just buy one, just to have one. Thanks. Have a great week.

  30. bloodlust0605 says:

    Should I get 1-10, 20 (to fit in a Air Tite tube), or 25 (in the Perth Mint tube)?

  31. Trew Money says:

    Awesome Coins

  32. PMRealWealth says:

    Just picked up a tube to add to my April stack.  Again thanks for the video SVT.  

  33. Huzar1683 says:

    Im getting a roll of the half oz version next week… hopefully they take off

  34. Josh Silver says:

    Hey Guys, I have a silver/gold Channel. I have been on Yt for a little bit, and i do unboxing of silver/gold. I also do informational videos. check me out!

  35. Muenzsammler1 says:

    Fantastic coin ! I hope I get one of these in this year.

  36. Jack Birks says:

    Ohh that’s so cool!

  37. GS PrepZ says:

    Just Uploaded my Unboxing of this Coin.  It’s not as nice or detailed as your video, but I was excited and wanted to make a video.

  38. PoorStacker™ says:

    they are like 12.50 today 9/12/14. I loved these at first sight and I’m getting some on the next order!

  39. hotneo7 says:

    How did you get it so fast? I thought it was just released today. I might get one…but graded only. Too bad it’s not 1oz and the 1/2 oz could be marked up high. They really need to flip these fractional bullion that we pay for so the miners can stay afloat during long dips. It’s like how we paid a high premium for gas and the money went into researching fracking.

  40. gtsphoenix says:

    I’m waiting on more info to understand what they are truly doing. I’m a fan of Perth mint as much as anybody. I get concept behind the Kooks, the Lunar Series, and even the Koalas as collectibles (1/2 oz and up); but I’m not sure about this one. Will it be varieties of sealife? ANY wildlife? Will they be annual? Every 6 months or so like the old Canadian wildlife series? Need more information. As is, it does seem a tad on the cartoonish side.

  41. Vin's World says:

    Love it! Always nice to buy the first in a series.

  42. halfdollar1 says:

    That is one scary man eater of a coin;  Oh, I wasn’t talking about the shark.

  43. Flat Earther says:

    Hmm pretty cool just not sure i want to start collecting a series, but if it is bullion prices then it might be ok. They make it in a 1 oz i take it?

  44. mikeyg53 says:

    I saw them on the website and wasnt impressed,however seeing the coin on your video really changed my mind.I have to get some.I will prefer a tube because the tubes are cool too.I hope that apmex sells some empty tubes so I can store my 1/2 oz australian american memorial coins properly.Thx for the video.Any idea of how many coins will be in the series?

  45. J Silver says:

    I like it. I will be getting a few!

  46. ROBERT JIMENEZ says:

    I noticed on the Apmex website they up the mintages from 200,000 to 300,000? What’s up with that???

  47. Kevin Bender says:

    How did you get it so fast? insider much?

  48. Mrs. Silver Peacock says:

    Love the design! Thank you for sharing!

  49. Shadawtheplaneswalker says:

    I had a thought on this. Being the ghost quater I’m kind of a conspiricy kind of guy by default. My thinking is, low mintage not encapsulated = damage lots and lots of damaged coins over time. Also I did a little research more or less to help myself justify the ms70 i just bought. Anyways I bought a PCGS – MS70 of this coin PCGS only has 29 currently and NGC currently 474. Thats a really low number of MS70’s imo out of a mintage of 300,000 coins. Well aware more people will send in there coins and that number will go up but if there not being encapsulated during shipping that might mean this could be a possible {cant stress this word enough} numismatic sleeper. I’m still learning and im sure ill get put in my place if im wrong.

  50. igoldsilverplatinum says:

    I hope you got free shipping lol

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