My craziest purchase ever!!! | Silver Unboxing

My craziest purchase ever!!!

My craziest purchase ever!!!

This is my craziest silver purchase ever! Only 500 minted in the world! This coin was given to President Obama by the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, on November 27, 2012.

SD Bullion

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48 Responses to My craziest purchase ever!!!

  1. silver dollar2015 says:

    great check me out and sub, i did

  2. davidperez6 says:

    thanks for share

  3. Robert Walterman says:

    Not crazy to me if you a history nut like me its like buying a good history book

  4. Nick Spinrad says:

    Simple and short: possibly the finest silver coin design in existence..

  5. Donny Hernandez says:

    ah yes! thee Oreo cookie. a superior striking

  6. RUMBOOM says:

    beautiful detail. What’s the significance of the Oreo cookie though lol

  7. Daniel Bull Runner Lamb says:

    obama is using his coin as a golf tee.

  8. Kraftsman Sheng says:

    lol Oreo!

  9. Max Power says:

    Awesome, over the top. 🙂


    I wonder what would happen if you try to pay for something in mexico with one of those coins.

  11. Justin Rhinesmith says:

    "And this is an Oreo cookie" lol #casualcookieplug #genius

  12. awesomejj101 says:

    Love the oreo cookie part! xD

  13. DeeBoFoSho says:

    Great video as usual! .I’m only 18 and I’d love if you could you possibly give me advice on my stacking? I have my stack on my channel and i’d love suggestions of what you think I should add to my stack. And tips to improve my videos.

    And check out the rest of my channel if you enjoy the content.

    Thank you so much.

  14. Benjamin Goulet says:

    Badass introduction, I like the background melody, classical.
    Fast forward the unveil and pace the reveal. Perfect
    I would buy that coin for $380 not knowin the exact weight or price you paid, I’m guessing 5 oz 45 seconds in

  15. K00L VIDEOS says:

    That is an awesome coin! SUBBED you Thanks!

  16. Louis Gedo says:

    Stunningly beautiful coin! Wow….at least as beautiful as a proof-like kilo Libertad. Nice buy!

  17. Caleb Ramirez says:

    Oreo cracked me up laughing!!!

  18. Savvy Metals says:

    That is one hell of a nice looking silver hockey puck.

  19. Rodney Fury says:

    Nice video. I want to subscribe. Are you still making videos?

  20. The SilverPhist says:

    decent coin, vid and knife ,,,,, 25 stars 🙂

  21. Max Power says:

    Awesome, over the top. 🙂

  22. Johnny Stax Fashions says:

    Funny cookie silver

  23. Constantius .Constantius says:

    What a beautiful piece of art. I like the Oreo. I think people would buy an Oreo cookie in silver if they made one. Thank you for showing.

  24. Gold Bug says:

    incredible piece, I had only seen pics of it !

  25. XxAboodiNaharxX 88 says:


  26. joey s says:

    I PRAY one day i can get one… seeing that round got me into silver the first time i saw it

  27. Boogeyman 77 says:

    Beautiful coin congrats

  28. Rat Finder says:

    I would check to see if there is no tungstun in the middle of that thing

  29. Eran Bilbool says:

    what’s the name of the background music CD? I recognize the piece (How insensitive i reckon)… Silver Argentum

  30. garth kbikes says:

    I wouldn’t call that a crazy purchase, I’d call it a superb purchase, beautiful. Subbed you, & you might like to check out Shadow stack from the UK he has some awesome Kilo coins.

  31. Mark .Delbecq says:

    Was the Oreo cookie tested for authenticity? I’ve gotten a lot of fake Oreo’s lately.

  32. SilverStacker904 says:

    Fancy fancy.. Very nice. Thanks for sharing. Subbed and liked

  33. attack125 says:

    i lost it at the oreo cookie

  34. mrlilshadow187 says:

    how much did you say?

  35. Silverino says:

    a revisit and awesome awesome Aztec Kilo Coin!!!!! Adios

  36. Silverseeker1814 says:

    and here’s an oreo!!!! awesome i love it

  37. yazzw says:


  38. Bagpiper California says:

    Loved the coin and the "differences".  Hilarious.

  39. Billy Gagne says:

    good price for an Oreo cookie a whole pack you could probably get about four packs so that’s a little over a kilo so you got got a good deal. nah just joking man that’s a beautiful awesome Aztec calendar coin round I think that’s Beauty right there I mean absolutely awesome I can’t even find a two ounce Aztec calendar but I don’t know some people have coins from different places like it’s like where the hell did that come from LOL very nice to nice presentation to I just sub to you and definitely love your channel bro I wish I knew how to do all that editing software that’s awesome dude cheers my friend

  40. PoliticalSmackdown says:

    what did it cost out the door?

  41. bigrobnz says:

    that"s a keeper!!!

  42. Slacker Stacker says:

    I wish I could edit like that. Great video. The oreo cookie cracked me up! Thanks for sharing.

  43. Jonathan 916 says:

    One day, I hope they mint a coin in the pattern of an Oreo cookie, lol.

  44. MrMnmn911 says:

    Amazingly beautiful.

  45. Game Changer says:

    sweet piece. funny video.

  46. HardcoreSarge101 says:

    id want one

  47. Scott Chase says:

    This is a oreo cookie. That was awesome!

  48. Paul Mayt says:

    i laughed so hard at the oreo cookie! lol s subscribed. awesome man! jealous. makes me want to collect rarer coins instead of common ones that have 500k mintages or more