2016 National Park Service 100th Anniversary Coin Set Unboxing & Choppin Broccoli | Silver Unboxing

2016 National Park Service 100th Anniversary Coin Set Unboxing & Choppin Broccoli

2016 National Park Service 100th Anniversary Coin Set Unboxing & Choppin Broccoli

Take this journey with me as I unbox the 3 coin set of silver gold and clad coinage commemorating the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. Blah!! Kitty’s choppin broccoli!

SD Bullion

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44 Responses to 2016 National Park Service 100th Anniversary Coin Set Unboxing & Choppin Broccoli

  1. Charmcity Stacker says:

    I think the giant stalk of broccoli gives it character. I agree about the gold coin, the reverse is awesome.

  2. Zachary Moore says:

    I have been saving my money for the classic commemorative reissues of the 1/10 Ounce Gold Mercury Dime, 1/4 Ounce Gold Standing Liberty Quarter, and the 1/2 Ounce Gold Walking Liberty Half Dollar. I might pick this one up in twenty years.

  3. losinglouie says:

    Congratulations! I bought the three coin set as well, but likely will not on the box it in order to retain first strike capabilities. Love the gold coin. I think it’s great. Was hoping for a sellout on the three coins set, but that was probably an unrealistic expectation. Take care. Hope you and Teddy are happy together.

  4. Silver Saver says:

    Unique design- It is NOT broccoli, is it? I like the obverse of the $5 gold coin- good detail on it! Your commemorative coin collection must be quite an investment to put together! Congratulations and thanks for sharing. My first time to see this particular set fresh from the US mint!

  5. russphilly says:

    OMG!!..when you said broccoli & cat, I thought there was a Chinese Food restaurant involved !!!…

  6. natascorpus666 says:

    Do you you think you will pick up the upcoming US mint centennial mercury, standing, and walking gold coins? I definitely want all three

  7. Diemaker1 says:

    Broccoli national park reverse depicts Leshaniqua, Goddess of national parks and rec ticket sales. Dressed in traditional tasseled bed sheet, disco hoop ear rings and pet boa constrictor necklace. Leshaniqua strikes her most familiar pose… reaching for camping fees. You can almost hear her ask: Sir, are you transporting any fire wood?

  8. Argentum Spartus says:

    Very nice set!!

  9. SilverHustlin13 says:

    The $ is atrocious like you said! Allin Gold is gonna tear you to pieces for this one!

  10. halfdollar1 says:

    That silver dollar looks like it was designed by the RCM. The gold coin is boss with Teddy Roosevelt.

  11. Silver Falkon says:

    You have very interesting things!

  12. Silver Diva says:

    Really like the look of the gold coin… Broccoli lol.

  13. ChiTown Metals says:

    Normally I pick them all up myself, but I didn’t like the design for this set, and they are coming out with 3 gold commemorative pieces later this year so i’m saving my money for those.

  14. 11robert11 says:

    That is a very strange coin is it really broccoli. 2 out of 3 aint bad i like the other 2. gold was nice. i need get to work on my circulated national park book i falling behind glad you posted the reminder for me

  15. John Hartley says:

    Agreed the dollar is bad but I also like the gold I did not get it as I a saving for this years Centennial Gold. This video give some insight in it’s design. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfoThIUhH5E

  16. Charlie Rock Rock says:

    Very odd looking silver dollar

  17. TheMultiGunMan says:

    Nice my friend!  Just one thing though…..What exactly is that suppose to be?  (the image next to the buffalo on the large $1 Coin?)

  18. Silver Moon says:

    I was on the fence about this one. You articulated my thoughts on the matter quite well. Appreciated the video and peek.

  19. bart Silver says:

    I think you should have had a Dana Carvey cameo in the vid, woulda been better than the stalk of broccoli or celery or whatever that is 😉

  20. A Friend says:

    Very nice coins and video Sal. Thank You very much for sharing them with me Sir. :-))

  21. Jade Nephrite says:

    The most recent U.S. Mint sales figures as of January 22, 2017 reveal that the lowest mintage modern commemorative gold coin is now the 2016-W National Park Service Gold $5 Uncirculated coin with a mintage of 5,164. The second lowest mintage modern commemorative gold coin is the 1997-W Jackie Robinson Uncirculated gold $5 coin with a mintage of 5,174.

  22. Bagins says:

    Congratulations on keeping the series together for so long. I know how it can be when the wish list exceeds the budget. Good luck with paying the credit card as soon as possible.Great collection even if it does not hold it’s value. Sometimes it is better to buy what you want and love what you buy. Enjoy the broccoli. LOL

  23. ikeo net1 says:

    lol.. spoken like a U.S. mint addict, i mean collector… "I have to get it, even though I know it’s probably going to go down. I can’t risk it". Solider! I’m sure you are a loyal fan of your sports teams! No one can ever call you an bandwagoner! You sound so underwhelmed.. lol. highly entertaining..

  24. U.S. Patriot says:

    hilarious! thank you.

  25. Scott Segal says:

    Wait..so Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir were conjoined twins?

  26. LadyLibertyStacker says:

    Thanks for sharing Salivate! I really like the gold piece especially the reverse with the hanging park sign. That silver dollar is strange as is the other side. The "broccoli" is supposed to be Old Faithful?

  27. Silver Lining says:

    You could always collect the ‘Bigfood’ Canadian Maples 😉

  28. SilverStrike says:

    Cool kitty.

  29. Massachusetts Prepper says:

    I definitely have to agree brother, the gold coin is the nicest looking one out of the three. Thanks for sharing my friend.

  30. Bill Long says:

    Oh lord, when you said you had an accident I thought you where trying a Cull Silver style unboxing and chopped the kitty in half!

  31. obeast121 says:

    cant win them all but the collection comes first. that five dollar gold coin makes up big time for the chopping broccoli coll vid awesome set

  32. Steve AU/AG says:

    Nice pick ups to maintain the collection. I’ve always been more of a stacker but have been collecting a few things here and there the last couple of years. Im trying to find what I wanna start collecting next as a set pr series. Good video

  33. Something Golden says:

    mmm broccoli and cheese.

  34. michad328 says:

    guessing the broccoli is old faithful in yellowstone. i could be wrong

  35. Cull Silver says:

    Wow, the gold piece is very nice!  I might have to look in to that one..  BTW- it is not broccoli, it is obviously cauliflower.  Thx!

  36. corndogg 42 says:

    the gold is nice but the rest well you said it better than I would have I think the dollar is a geyser not broccoli

  37. russphilly says:

    LOrD!…don’t let the Soft & furry Cat Chop Suey,….uH!, SoRrY!, I meaN! don’t let the cat near a Chinese RestauranT!!!,…for goodness sakeS!!..

  38. siouxbe1 says:

    All I like is the Muir/Teddy $5 Gold piece

  39. Matthew Holzner says:

    You mentioned it’s the second issued under the program. What was the first (Would that be the Quarters?). Great video!

  40. JRW3 says:

    There’s a lady I know,if I didn’t know her,she’d be the lady I didn’t know

  41. Stokjockey says:

    Is that OBAMA’s Sister on the back of the Dollar ?

  42. 24K ArabiaFelix says:

    that broccoli looks more like a welted mushroom!!

  43. Not Sonew says:

    Haven’t pulled the trigger on this one yet and now that I see it up close I may not… Thanks for showing it Sal…

  44. jcricket 1710 says:

    very nice set love the gold