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2016 Pandas – Silver Gold Bull – Order Issues!

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  1. SalivateMetal says:

    Yeah, they should have honored the order as described on the website. I’m sorry you got the run around and i hope they make it right. Let us know how it turns out. I’ve never ordered from them.

  2. J Silver says:

    I have used Silvergoldbull a few times (mostly because I am from Canada and don’t have a huge choice in online bullion dealers) and have had no issues. They now offer free shipping in Canada with orders over $500!!! WHAT A DEAL RIGHT??!?!!? LOL

  3. kmiller259 says:

    I have been dealing with Silver Gold Bull Canada. I Have not had any problems yet.My Silver Pandas should be here in the new year. I ordered a sheet as well, we will see if they send it properly. Also, the chocolate is a nice touch, even when crushed to power by some 10 ounce bars, lol.

  4. PolarBearMetal says:

    Thanks for standing your ground on this one and voicing this out to the community. Crap like this needs to be known and shared!

  5. Not Sonew says:

    I hate it when that happens… Sure hope they fix it for you! Don’t let it stress you out, it’s Christmas time and you have the upper hand, they fix it or you call your CC company, easy peazy…

  6. Tree says:

    That’s why I only order from JM, Apmex or provident

  7. Silver NewJack says:

    Yeah that sucks. I’ve never received a panda coin that had scratches on their case. For you to have all three capsules with scratches tells me they were not handled correctly. Going to watch part 2 to see if you inspected the other pandas. I guess some of the sheets come with an outer display panda box. I don’t know if they come out of a monster box that way.

  8. Kevin Grootaers says:

    Same they did not send it in the original sheet. But the pandas do look good

  9. helloqtip21 says:

    You cant go wrong with the Pandas, even if the dealer messed up. 10 Years from now those panda would be valued at 2-3 times their current value…

  10. Silver Haired Gamma says:

    I am glad you posted this. I had seen 2 other videos with people having issues from them,, but I didn’t know the people and you know how people are sometimes making things up. Thia time an actual unboxing from them. I will be cautious if I ever order from them….Gamma

  11. roadkill2342 says:

    I would send them back. I’ve heard some bad things about them. I only buy from APMEX, Provident, and JM Bullion. Never had a problem with any of them. Thanks for the info

  12. Stokjockey says:

    Your Channel is the "Cat’s Meow" LLS………………

  13. walt2t says:

    Make the make it right, their problem so should be on their dime. At almost 1000 subs and well known in community you can get the word out and could have an effect on lots of other people ordering. Sounds like they will go on a no buy list for lots of people.

  14. Silver Saver says:

    Sorry that you are having these issues. I would return them, if it was me who got them. Thanks for letting us know- I will remember not to order from them. I always prefer for any seller to get things right the first time. If they don’t, they will not get my business again. There are sufficient number of competing dealers to be bothered by mediocre service from one. Make it a great day- despite contradictions!

  15. PharmSilver says:

    Just be wary on resale. Damn fakes all over eBay. Hard to sell lots of them. Handful or do you should be ok. I’m selling the last of my 2012’s now. Taken me a month to move 15 of them.

  16. Colin Tonkasdad says:

    not what you wanted ? return them…or get them to discount them ? cheers from uk x

  17. Scotty06WWJD says:

    You got em’..but darn, so sorry bout the scratches on the capsules and no plastic sheet..;)..hope it all gets straightened out..maybe by now you have..hopefully (cause I’m a few days late on seeing this..)..take care my friend, Merry Christmas & God Bless you!

  18. Goudhaantje says:

    They look better in capsule, are protected and as liquid for resale as in a sheet. I once was disappointed to get 2 gold pandas in a sheet andnot a capsule. I would leave as is and enjoy the Chocolate.

  19. Paul Preston says:

    The people that ship them would have known they were scratched or not packaged right. As much as you paided for 15 coins it should be right.

  20. Shadow Stack says:

    It’s a sham there cock up take’s away from your joy of receiving these coin’s, lets hope they do the right thing and you can get back to fully enjoying your purchase.

  21. Angel Silver4Tseven says:

    Woot woot I’m back!!!

  22. beav1962 says:

    At first I was thinking – what’s the big deal, a plastic sleeve thing. But then I watched New Jack’s video and saw it. Absolutely, get what you want and what was advertised. If they were smart, they would just send it to you and let you keep the capsules.

  23. AlexJUSSME says:

    just beatifull thanks for shareing

  24. KoiPondPeppy says:

    I’m glad you posted this too and will be waiting to hear how they handle it. I’ve been on their sight a lot looking around and wanted to order a few things I didn’t see elsewhere but was wary about ordering from them.

  25. todd mitch says:

    I like them a lot I have been thinking of getting 15 of them but my luck not very good so I haven’t got them but I will sometime hope you get it worked out have a good one thanks

  26. HiHo Silver says:

    Good luck – I’m sure they will take care of you :). I always pay by card or PayPal nowadays. . . it gives me more power in disputes. Nice coin design either way! Thanks for the peek- HiHo

  27. Silver Siren says:

    I have had several issues with silvergoldbull as a repeat customer. To their credit, they’ve done what they needed to make it right every time but I sure wish they would handle things issue free to begin with! Capsules shouldn’t have been scuffed!

  28. Silverstar Tan says:

    Sorry to see you didn’t receive your order per dealer description. I would prefer in mint sheet too. Hope you work it out with the dealer soon.

  29. Charmcity Stacker says:

    Don’t mess with LLS! Nice coins though. That plastic holder is very nice, I can see why you raised hell.

  30. Rick G says:

    I had the same issue when i ordered 15 pandas from APMEX. They sent them lose when it says clearly on there site that orders of 15 will com in plastic holders. They said they would get back with me by Tuesday.

  31. AG Argentum says:

    Those pandas were probably returns. How else could the capsules be scratched. Now someone else will receive them. I would avoid that dealer.

  32. AuRebel says:

    Wow, sorry to hear that my friend. I would definitely send them back, if they advertise then they should delivery what they say. I’ve never ordered from them nor will I. Hope they get it straightened out for you, what a hassle too. Take care.

  33. Silverino says:

    me? going to watch part 2

  34. dchevron77 says:

    I will probably be picking up 15 of these. I would avoid the company in the future if i were you.

  35. Silver Streak says:

    I am with you Lady Liberty…. If it says they will send in a mint package when purchased in multiples of 15. I expect them to be sent in a mint package of 15. I am getting annoyed at these companies trying to pass (excuse my language) shit off beyond what they say. I have made several purchases latelely and which I have not made a video of and found several orders not to what I expect. I am a relatively easy going guy, but this type of shit is getting annoying. (Again please excuse my langauage) Just frustrated at what a few of these companies are trying to pull.

  36. Argentum Spartus says:

    I really like the new design, I was hoping mine would be here today so I’m crossing my fingers for tomorrow! I’m glad they took care of it for you!!!

  37. Pirate Pete's Gold & Silver Adventures says:

    Sounds like you put the blowtorch to their toes 😉 I watched part two first so its fun to see in reverse order this story. Thanks for posting the experience.

  38. Christopher Sanchez says:

    send them back on there dime.

  39. halfdollar1 says:

    15 loose pandas? That is wrong. I’m waiting on my MCM order. I hope mine arrive correctly

  40. Silver Diva says:

    I am amazed you even ordered pandas! when i started you said you would never ever buy Chinese Pandas lol But they do keep there value and are very well made and Beautiful, i hope you can get the sheets, They will be worth so much more in the future. They have no choice but to make it right, or lose your business, You did not get what you paid for so just send them back.

  41. Silver Slacker says:

    Sorry to hear about the issues. It is always a pain when you have to call in to try and makes things right. I’m glad they finally got back with you and are going to replace them. (read your comment on another video)

  42. Man InBlack says:

    you got a delivery from my zip code 89119…lol

  43. HP H says:

    You should be disappointed because you should always get what you knowingly pay for. Hope they do the right thing and resolve it for you speedily. Best wishes!

  44. Silvernews com says:

    You have to stick to your GUNS you should get what you ordered

  45. AlexJUSSME says:

    do you know anyone who gets a discount i wana buy a 1oz gold coin i will send them the money for a good discount

  46. tobias99zx says:

    ordered my 31pcs from bgasc. com and they came in the plastic cases….2 (15) coins in each and one loose coin…sorry to hear how you got yours…..waiting for another 72pcs from Provident, hope they send them in the plastic cases also….

  47. MrMnmn911 says:

    I do not recommend purchasing from siver gold bull. If asked I always say "do NOT buy from them".

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