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Silver Unboxing #88: Provident Metals

19 Responses to Silver Unboxing #88: Provident Metals

  1. investsome says:

    Nice Pickups!

  2. Silver Noob says:

    Nice order!

  3. Tim Boelter says:

    Those Provident YOT Monkey rounds look really nice! I’m ordering some tonight after seeing this vid. Thanks!

  4. U.S. Patriot says:

    you picked up alot of rounds that are on my list to purchase next order! def more prospector privys and kraken silver bug island etc.

  5. Silver Summit says:

    Very nice pick ups! Adding some ounces. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Not Sonew says:

    Very nice additions to your stack, a little bit of a bunch of different things, enjoy!

  7. Metal Man says:

    Nice pick ups I subbed

  8. tinystacker says:

    Nice pickups Inferno! Any day a box arrives from provident machine bearings is a good day 😉

  9. andrewshooter says:

    It’s funny that what is called junk silver is more expensive per troy oz than generic. Still fun to have, though.

  10. SilverGold Prince says:

    Nice pickups! I love that Silver Bug proof!

  11. riley Agstacker says:

    really love this pick up! thanks for the vid!

  12. Angel Silver4Tseven says:

    I back !!!! Woot woot

  13. Silver4Life 1230 says:

    sweet pick ups.. perfect time to buy too.. stack on amigo

  14. Beachbum ShipwreckSilver says:

    Very nice man! I really like the landmark series but need to get some yet. I really like the Privateer series  the kraken is cool.  Yjis the first I have seen the provident prospector rounds with the gun privy yet,,nice.  Thanks for sharing.

  15. Varun Kumar says:

    Wow! Love all of them!

  16. Dutch Silver Bullion Collector says:

    very Nice collectoren, i have part of then, but if you want every coin you bought from every year, you have to be a millionaire

  17. SILVER COINS & Дмитрий Васильев says:

    thumb up!

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