JM Bullion Unboxing 2016 | Silver Unboxing

JM Bullion Unboxing 2016

JM Bullion Unboxing 2016

In conclusion, Koalas are funky.

JM Bullion is a company I recommend. Good prices, decent selection, Great customer service, and free shipping. It’s hard to beat that.

SD Bullion

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21 Responses to JM Bullion Unboxing 2016

  1. Silverino says:

    funky but low mintage no?

  2. SilverPicker says:

    Nice pickups, thanks for sharing!

  3. bart Silver says:

    That’s a great idea, collecting one coin from around the globe. I dig it!

  4. SilverHustlin13 says:

    Yep you toured the globe with this one! Nice trip brother!

  5. Kevin Grootaers says:

    That is a great variety of coins, very nice pickup.

  6. Silver Slacker says:

    Very nice world coins bud! The Kookaburra is my favorite of the bunch. Nice haul!

  7. SilverStacker904 says:

    nice choices. I usually get stuck with the ugly stuff.

  8. Custom Coin Rings USA says:

    I got that exact wrapping paper for Christmas last year! I’d like to get a Koala soon. I just got my first Kook from Silver Slayer a couple months ago. Perth Mint makes a lot of very nice stuff. Nice pick ups!

  9. SilverStrike says:

    Nice assemblage of silver!

  10. Silver Vessel says:

    Very good pick ups! Nice variety 🙂

  11. Silver Patriot says:

    Great choices. Have you checked out the Irish Shamrock? Gorgeous coin,i showed mt 2016 in a video but ive recently deleted all of my videos . They started in 2015 and imo they are a must have in a world collection.

  12. SalivateMetal says:

    A sweet selection of silver. Now we know why they call you Silver Bear. ehehe 🙂

  13. Silver Summit says:

    Great pick ups my friend, and a good variety also! Thanks for sharing.

  14. 11robert11 says:

    nice world selection S.B the kooks a lovely coin. already carrying a premium since first release

  15. Punny Metals says:

    good unboxing! i just did one too… check it out, its unique lol … sub if you like, i always sub back. 🙂

  16. Hidden Numismatist says:

    Very nice, modern bullion world coins are fun to collect. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  17. JM Bullion Inc says:

    Great pieces!! You have to have one of everything, right?!

  18. J Silver says:

    Great adds Silver Bear! I have those coins but in older years.

  19. Silver Siren says:

    I’m glad we got at least one 2016 koala, the design I hated at first but it’s grown on me. I hated the 2015 design too at first now I wish we had grabbed a roll of them when they first came out LOL

  20. A Friend says:

    Very nice world bullion coin pickups. Thank you for sharing bear! :-))

  21. Silver Diva says:

    Very nice pickups!

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