Unboxing 145 oz’s of MK Barz New Limited Edition Bars! | Silver Unboxing

Unboxing 145 oz’s of MK Barz New Limited Edition Bars!

Unboxing 145 oz’s of MK Barz New Limited Edition Bars!

Unboxing 145 oz’s of MK Barz New Limited Edition Bars!
Where to Order Them: http://www.apmex.com/category/25794/m…
10% off in April at http://mkbarzandbullion.com/ with coupon code: APRIL10%

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49 Responses to Unboxing 145 oz’s of MK Barz New Limited Edition Bars!

  1. Kevin Paulsen says:

    Cool! They look like something out of the 16th century.

  2. big Zini says:

    those 3oz wafers are pretty nice

  3. Ken God says:

    I’ve always loved MIK Barz bars. Ever think about doing a SS limited bar(s) with MK Barz. Honestly, MK look much better than YPS bars. You don’t have to answer that….but, I know the answer. 🙂

  4. Artfully Crafted says:

    I like the 3 Oz bars as well. Remind me of trading cards. Really neat stuff. I cant wait to order these and add them to my stack!

  5. riley Agstacker says:

    the backs on those 3 ozers though omg I’m in love!!!!

  6. Anonymous Silver Stacker says:

    Nice but pricey at APMEX!

  7. Ricois says:

    I see you like the gold ratio rectangle size the best…

  8. Charles Hamilton says:

    I have a chest we can talk trade for silver just let me know I can send pics.

  9. JAS0N888 says:

    Nice pickup. Blackbeard would approve.

  10. fireraider747 says:


  11. Kairaba Tyus says:

    Love your videos.. Patiently stacking

  12. obeast121 says:

    i like them all but those three ounce waffers are outstanding

  13. Lord Knightyme says:

    Nice collection there, pity I live in Australia, the postage is too brutal for me to get stuff like that. lol

  14. Chip K says:

    Question. I see the crudely poured/hand poured bars are more expensive than the APMEX, Sunshine, JM, bars which are more uniform. What is the reason for it’s higher pricing? Is it just because of uniqueness or is there a more inherent value?

  15. SilberfuchsAg47 says:

    Hi there awesome vid! I do envy you because in Germany you pay 19 (!!!) % tax for bars that aren´t legal tender, so it´s almost too expensive to buy any bars, no matter if they are poured or minted. I guess that´s why I could never develop this affection for poured bars. It´s a shame, if I think about it… but it´s a joy for my to watch you handle yours. Keep on doing those great videos!

  16. jack stack and silver ho says:

    very nice, like the style. old school looking.

  17. Billy Gagne says:

    they’re all cool man.. You have an awesome collection man.. I’m a newbie I just started about 3 years ago.. I’m exactly like you I love every anything and everything poured every piece is unique and different and you can’t copy it if your life depended on it so it’s pretty it’s really awesome but I’m just getting to know you man I watch a lot of your videos nice nice silver.. Your new friend in the community.. Billy Newby’s silver..

  18. Gold grinder says:

    The day silver price hit the roof with all the silver you own you’re going to be a rich man! Let’s hope that day come.

  19. CyberCurtainTwitcher says:

    Nice haul as usual.

  20. Jack Flash says:

    Pirates lives were extremely violent and very short lived !!!

  21. Silver Haired Gamma says:

    Excellent. I really like MK Bars and told him that there are a few of his that I need to get myself….Gamma

  22. LadyLibertyStacker says:

    Nice haul there Slacker!  🙂

  23. Silver Falkon says:


  24. Ryan Fazio says:

    Awesome silver purchase!!! You never cease to amaze with your uploads!!

  25. Tom Samad says:

    Oh man those wafer bars look so awesome! Do they ship to Britain?

  26. StackMaster G says:

    Very nice adds. MK Barz has been steadily improving the look of their bars. I was not a fan 6 months back, but they are really looking good these days with the designs and texture/uniqueness of each pour. Great stuff as always.

  27. 2000xlt says:

    Great pickups man!! on a different note how many more bars of your limited ones will there be?

  28. Kaltwasser45 says:

    ugh, 7.75 over asking price spot +. Very cool pieces though.

  29. Andrew T says:

    These are selling out fast! The first design is gone for the 2 and 3 oz. at APMEX.

  30. bgs9man says:

    New to Silver and Love your video. Really Cool Stuff and Post a video of it all in your new Treasure Chest. That would be Cool!

  31. Boogeyman 77 says:

    Man those 3 oz bars are sweet. . they are definitely unique. . very cool. great pick ups.

  32. JRW3 says:

    Nice haul bro.Just wondering, what’s your thoughts on the new Teddy Roosevelt ATB coming out?

  33. Wheat Penny Pickers says:

    how much was all of that?

  34. Still Stackin' says:

    Love the MK bars. Great pick ups. Liked and subbed.

  35. ShOwStOpp3rr says:

    wow those MK barz look cooler then some of the pictures i seen..totally unique looking pieces of silver,,i enjoyed this video..

  36. Brandon Caylor says:

    Damn…this just makes me so jealous of you…my collection is nothing compares to this

  37. Rodney Mooney says:

    Sweet haul man! You need some Mooney Metals Bars! I started making a new 1 oz size bar and 1/2 oz cubes. They looks great with the new stamp. Ill get a video up tonight. Shoot me an email if your interested in anything. mooneymetals2016@gmail.com

  38. buriedtoodeep says:

    I cant afford to stack more than an ounce a day, not including numismatics. Make a person jealous why don’t you! got a side gig? extortion? fishnets? pyramid scheme? hehe

  39. Jack Flash says:

    Well "Hell’s Bells" !!! Are you "Thunder Struck" ?


    WOW!! Them are some really neat bars!!

  41. Massachusetts Prepper says:

    Brother, the only thing I can say is your channel name is all wrong. Because there is nothing slacker about your silver stacking my friend LOL. Another awesome addition to the stack for sure brother. Thanks for sharing.

  42. Toriano ObaShango-El says:

    I’m loving poured more and more!

  43. Stella P. says:

    I really like the #1 style of those pirate stamps!
    I subscribed to your channel recently but forgot to turn on the "notification" button. So I have some of your videos to catch up on! Thanks for sharing and all the best, Stella

  44. themanginaman says:

    Is the premium really worth it on these poured bars? Some of them have higher premiums than eagles.

  45. sectator Galgani says:

    Cool.  Thanks for the look prior to the pictures going up on APMEX.

  46. Toby Hoch says:

    how have u even got access to all this money that u can afford to keep buying big loads of silver every month?


    Love the sounds all that Silver makes!!! Congrats on a Super Haul! 🙂

  48. HiHo Silver says:

    Nice – MK is doing neater looking stuff lately – these are begging for a cool treasure chest for sure!

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