Unboxing 2 (100 oz) OPM Metals Silver Bars | Silver Unboxing

Unboxing 2 (100 oz) OPM Metals Silver Bars

Unboxing 2 (100 oz) OPM Metals Silver Bars

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In this video I do an unboxing of 2 (100 oz) OPM Metals Silver Bars. 200 ounces of absolute beauty! The weight of these bars is absolutely incredible! I love stacking these heavy bars.

I was able to buy these 200 ounces for FREE out of the profits from my International Silver Network home business not out of pocket! If you are looking to make a great income from home and get your silver for free click here for more info.. http://goo.gl/q5ivH7


SD Bullion

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16 Responses to Unboxing 2 (100 oz) OPM Metals Silver Bars

  1. myonecat69 says:

    Don’t listen to what Frank P Numismetals said. You will have no trouble whatsoever selling these when the time comes. I just ordered a 100 oz poured bar from Johnson Matthey. Can’t wait to get it.

  2. Donald Baker says:

    Love your video dude.   You should do stand up..  🙂

  3. Montana Silver Stacker says:

    Unboxing 2 (100 oz) OPM Metals Silver Bars

  4. thereve says:

    Very nice, I hope to have that much stacked some day but no where close at the moment. I have a question though, and this is NOT to be critical I don’t care what you do its an honest question, but other than getting these for "free", what benefit do you see in having these giant bars of silver vs a couple ounces of gold? I like smaller silver (1-5oz) for the ease of buying or selling in smaller dollar values, but for me personally if I wanted that much storage of value I’d want it in a smaller package. Again no criticism just wondering the reasoning.

  5. WarriorsArchive says:

    Glad to see so much excitement for silver BULLION.  Keep stacking.

  6. Montana Silver Stacker says:

    Unboxing 2 (100 oz) OPM Metals Silver Bars

  7. SilverMountain says:

    If I could start all over, I think all my bars would be 100 oz. bars. There’s something really cool about them.

  8. Jay Dubau says:

    Cool bars…dumb hat, 😉

  9. Jim Lewis says:

    wow, great pick up Pete those are some awesome bricks.  I too did a lot of research on ISN as per your recommendation and decided to JUMP IN with both feet, so glad I did too. Been getting lots of silver for free this month, can’t thank you enough!

  10. Gold Bug says:

    they look fab and you killed me watching you work out with those big 100oz fellas! LOL

  11. bobbyred says:

    love your 100 oz  bars. kept stacking.

  12. aeroman5000 says:

    Great job Peter. I’m younger and waiting to join the military. After getting stationed I hope to start a side buisness with ISN. I feel there will be a good opportunity to educate people on silver and get a network brewing. I have a meager stack with a couple 5oz bars some more 1oz bars and rounds but every week I put all the money I can into silver. I don’t think it will get much lower than it is now but if it does, that’s still great news. Precious metals are my primary investment and am looking forward to echanging legal tendered paper for the cold hard stuff for many many years to come!

  13. A Belgian Stacker says:

    cool brick !!

  14. Montana Silver Stacker says:

    Watch As I Unbox 200 Ounces of FREE Silver Bars From My Company ISN! 


  15. Montana Silver Stacker says:

    Unboxing 2 (100 oz) OPM Metals #Silver Bars

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