Silver Maple Leafs: Regular, Goat Privy & Superleaf | Silver Unboxing

Silver Maple Leafs: Regular, Goat Privy & Superleaf

Silver Maple Leafs: Regular, Goat Privy & Superleaf

WARNING: This video has coins being handled without white gloves and dropped to the floor. Video date is 6/20/2015. Before getting on your soapbox to leave a comment to express your outrage, check out my recent videos where I’m wearing white gloves and not dropping coins.

Silver unboxings from Provident Metals and D.B.S. Coins.

1.0-oz 2015 Canadian Maple Leaf
1.0-oz 2015 Canadian Maple Leaf with Goat Privy
1.5-oz 2015 Canadian Maple Superleaf

The Superleaf design is based on the 100kg (3,125 troy ounces) Gold Maple Leaf.

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Silver Slacker: 2015 1-oz Canadian Maple Leaf with Goat Privy

Salivate Metal: 2015 1.5-oz Canadian Maple Superleaf

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12 Responses to Silver Maple Leafs: Regular, Goat Privy & Superleaf

  1. Silver Streak says:

    Nice Maple Leaf additions. That goat privy is quite nice, but that Superleaf is amazing looking. Now I want one.
    lol I dropped an ASE the other day and did an unintentional ping test. 😉
    Thanks sharing my friend. I enjoyed it much.

  2. Monkey Man says:

    Anonymous, forgive my bluntness I posted yesterday. You are starting off with good coins. The *Supper Leaf Maple* is very nice. I purchase several each year. As you expand your staking you’ll use gloves & hold coins/rounds by edge only. You might look at JMBullion as one of sites you may want to buy from.Also try Provident Metals, DBS Coins West Coast good price on Super Leaf.APMEX(poured silver) +, AYDIN Coins ect. Also talk to others at this site: ie.Silver Slacker, Hi Ho Silver, & others for pointers. Did not know you were new to this. Buy what ya like at the best price around. Ltd. Ed. are most of a sure bet. Enjoy yer self,and hopefully make some MONEY doing it.

  3. Golden Arms says:

    subbed, the description of this vid made me laugh. check out my channel if u like? Cheers

  4. contreeman says:


  5. Monkey Man says:

    Wow ! Can you be any more careles with yer coins?? They won’t bring much if spot price at all. The way you misshandle by Droping & not using gloves. With nicks & dings,good for Melt only. Please be more carefull next time, OK. Be Cool Now.

  6. Monkey Man says:

    OK, did not know when video posted. Just watched. We all at some time or other have done foolish stunts. Again, forgive me for MY screw-up ! OK, never do I put out any thing to be mean, nasty, or other wise intend to cause harm to any one. I’ve ##&%&0* up before so I know why ya feel like you do(did). I’ve collected coins over 55 years.Off and on, back for real in 1998. Still learning what & how to with SILVER. Poured,Privy, Proof, new, & old bars,fancy items,etc. By watching the videos I’ve Learned what to & not to do when purchasing silver. Thanks to every one that provides the Great videos that inform & show and share there knowledge with all of us. Thanks……

  7. Silverino says:

    I like the 1 1/2 oz Maple, sweet design

  8. Veasna Khiev Kong says:

    why 1 Oz silver = 5dollar and 1 1/2 Oz = 8dollar

  9. Big Fat Whale says:

    Hey Anonymous, I’m thinking of buying the superleaf. But do you know if there is a suitable capsule for 1 1/2 oz coins?

  10. Silver Slacker says:

    Great adds!  That super leaf is really a good looking coin.  I just really wish RCM would get their milk spotting issues under control.  Thanks for using my referral link for Ebates! 🙂

  11. Silver Bear says:

    Nice Canadian silver

  12. Matthew The Great Coin Roll Hunter says:

    Great strikes!! Thanks for sharing

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