Scottsdale Silver Tombstone Monster Box & Stacker Round Unboxing | Silver Unboxing

Scottsdale Silver Tombstone Monster Box & Stacker Round Unboxing

Scottsdale Silver Tombstone Monster Box & Stacker Round Unboxing

Sweet little wooden monster box and stacker rounds. Got a little bonus canvas bag & 5g Scottsdale a silver bar too, guess they like me better than Silver Slacker! 😉

SD Bullion

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18 Responses to Scottsdale Silver Tombstone Monster Box & Stacker Round Unboxing

  1. 101platayoro says:

    BM is banco de Mexico makers of the libertad

  2. BigStack Daddy says:

    Thought they would have sent it full of silver! lol

  3. Detecting207 says:

    Nice, You got your Scottsdale order! Little Jimmy got his sliver in time for Christmas haha! I like the Tombstone box, looks cool. Merry Christmas bud!

  4. tpntch07 says:

    That box looks awesome, I hope to add some of those stackers after New Years

  5. Weizenale silver says:

    I was thinking about buying the wood box but i wasn’t drunk or high enough 😉

  6. Mark Davies says:

    Wouldn’t it be more economical to purchase large silver bars, thereby paying less in premiums over spot?

  7. alpha robins says:

    M.B may stand for "Monster Box" since you purchase the Tombstone monster box

  8. Brad says:

    yes you are correct that is what the monster box of Mexican Libertads come in instead of an actual plastic box…..I think they come in the mint rolls and are piled in the bag and sealed.

  9. Silver Slacker says:

    Glad you finally got your package in! That box looks great and I would love to have one for my Scottsdale stuff but the price is just to high for me. Hopefully they come down in price or have a sale on them sometime. Thanks for showing it and grats on the free silver!

  10. silver buyer says:

    +Silverino I bet you’d pay $100 for the BM bag if you were drunk or high enough. A canvas bag & 5g bar on my 1st $300 order was better than guys that placed tens of thousands of dollars with APMEX & got a $3 popcorn tin. Lol.

  11. FearlessChicken says:

    Love the box. Material costs probably $20 but after couple beers tonight, think I’ll buy one 🙂

  12. silverguy says:

    Very nice box, looking forward to seeing you fill it up with whatever silver you choose to fill it with.  Merry Christmas. 

  13. of the earth says:

    Free silver is free silver

  14. Foolish Fiat says:

    Dont’ you just love buying birthday presents for yourself? You know exactly what you want. Good buy!

  15. Silverino says:

    $100 bucks for that wooden box and they throw their trash in it?

  16. SalivateMetal says:

    Very nice silver buyer! Love those stacker rounds and congrats on the 5 gram bar and bag with your monster box. That is a nice box. Merry Christmas!

  17. ~cOiN*cOllEcTiNg*fUn~ says:

    Thumbs up and subscribed ~ Excellent unboxing video!

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