2014 Canada Silver Maple Leaf Unpackaging | Silver Unboxing

2014 Canada Silver Maple Leaf Unpackaging

2014 Canada Silver Maple Leaf Unpackaging

A close look at the 2014 Canadian Silver Maple leaf One ounce coin. I hope you enjoy!

SD Bullion

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49 Responses to 2014 Canada Silver Maple Leaf Unpackaging

  1. Silver Siren says:

    I laugh when Americans scoff at %80 circulated Canadian silver.  Many of the Canadians scoff at our bullion eagles for being .999 silver and 22k gold the same way!  Of course, I’m not saying you scoffed 🙂

  2. thingsidocaptain says:

    They stopped putting that milking finish potion on them a couple years ago poeple

  3. SlowStacker47 says:

    Wow thanks for the video salivate metal I’m getting mine tomorrow so I’m really excited!!,

  4. SilverHunter2013 says:

    This years maples look great but they spot unless you put them in airtites asap. Thats the reason I don’t buy a lot of canadian silver. The features are awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  5. thingsidocaptain says:

    I have a tube of 2013 I have in the open to touch and show all the time .. No milk spots

  6. Silver Slacker says:

    Very nice, hopefully the new design will help with the milk spot problem they have had.

  7. Castorios says:

    thanks for sharing !
    Milk spots will appear with time on all Canadian products, some coins are more affected than others, but most will suffer this fate.  The only way I found to protect the coins from this is with airtite capsules. All my wildlife coins are in airtites, the ones that were not protected are starting to have spots. 

  8. albert275 says:

    Purchased a few, I’m stunned by how gorgeous they are every time.

  9. Stokjockey says:

    I enjoy security features with my Kitty Porn !!!

  10. MrHotass81 says:

    Y are the Edges cloud

  11. angelostselentis says:

    What shine on that coin! How did they manage to do that?!

  12. Ijkjkjkjk says:

    Hello stackers! Just a quick question, does anyone know any promo codes for APMEX? i have been buying from them for years and have never used any promo codes and have no idea how to find them or get them. Any ideas? Thanks guys!

  13. Angel Silver4Tseven says:

    Awesome close up of the coin, much appreciated, will have to pick one up as well…. thanks for sharing … second to none to CCT.. lol…

  14. bart Silver says:

    You would think that the amount of time and effort that goes into their 9999 coinage would justify them addressing the milkspot issue.

  15. Gavin Alvares says:

    Very nice coin man. Thanks!

  16. Chippy Tucker says:

    I sub’d, very good video.

  17. AmericanConquistador says:

    IMMMMMM BACCCCKKKKKKKK………….. I inquired about the milk spot issue and from what provident told them this issue still has not been addressed. I like the look of the coin, but I wont buy any RCM until that issue is addressed. Nice vid though!


    The maple leafs from previous years have finer detailing on the leaf itself. looked much better before. Compare a 2014 to a 2013.

    but with the new security features, they had to skimp somewhere to produce the coins at the same price.

    Hopefully RCM eventually fixes the milk spot issue.

  19. Silver KC says:

    RCM did very well with this one.  Glad they stepped up and did this.  Thanks for sharing

  20. Diggin2Metal says:

    Nice pickups! I’m really liking the new maple. Thumbs up!

  21. squadleader3 says:

    Very nice and interesting video.  I also just received five Canadian Maple Leafs.  I’m not much for foreign coins.  But, I loved the way they look.  And I also received five China Pandas.  Both beautiful coins.  Enjoying your videos.  Keep stacking.

  22. SaluteSilver09 says:


  23. antigonish63 says:

    Let me ask a rookie question. I picked up a ‘Monster box’ of these several months ago, with the idea of just holding on to it for long term investment. I have not and do not expect to open the box, will this ‘milk spot’ issue effect the coins if left intact?  I bought 1 loose coin to keep on top of the box if I want to show someone what’s in it, will that coin be a ‘tell’ regarding the others? Thanks for the feedback.

  24. Henry Medina says:

    U sound like a gremlin

  25. Mark Radermacher says:

    Purchased 5…love RCM coins. Can’t beat .9999.

  26. MrHotass81 says:

    Are they all like this

  27. SilverTurtle65 says:

    It looks good , I will have to pick some up. Happy Holidays

  28. Gary Leslie says:

    I have over 300 maples. I had a total of 11 that were milk spotted. I went to a jewellery store and bought these gloves that have a dry solution on them you buff the coins and the milk spots come off. The maples from 2012 and 2013 seem to get better with no milk spots. I think they the RCM is addressing the problem.

  29. Kim Yong Ng says:

    Is it usual for most CML silver to have dings around the edges? 

  30. Philip Young says:

    Such a beautiful 2014 Canadian Maple & a great video sir ..The shout out to MisterSilverMonster was awesome as well …. Thanks for sharing this wonderful 2014 Canadian Maple Leaf …

  31. Yaroslav Oshchenko says:

    very nice maple leaf coin!!!!

  32. DARK STITCH 626 says:

    Great stuff salivate i hope to be getting mine in today or tomorrow! I always thought to be able to stop the counterfiters to use lines or even dots. Just pust thousands of them on a coin and no one would be able to replicate it. Love what the canadian mint has done!

  33. MrVegiita says:

    maybe this design will prevent milk spots from developing?

  34. Maxwell Smart says:

    Nice video. Privy mark absolutely ruins it for me though.

  35. halfdollar1 says:

    Nice piece there Mr SalivateMetal. Any more thoughts about getting the 1.5 ounce fox coin from the rcm?

  36. Steven Lewis says:

    I love can mint products, those are some wicked coins. a little jealous hehe. love your video’s and keep on stacking man

  37. Intalecrek The Coin Medic says:

    I like this coin a lot! I will pick up a few of these. I was waiting for someone to show this on here. I think this coin will sale great with the new security feature. I but the fakers are upset.  lol

  38. 101platayoro says:

    My roll is coming in tomorrow’s mail…hope the new textured finish will mean the end of those miserable milk spots! Merry Christmas and muchos gracias for all the great peaks you have given from yourand your friends’ vast hordes over the past year.

  39. Unknown says:

    Thanks Mr. Metal. Greatly appreciate the shout out. I really really like the 14 maple. Smart purchase!

  40. Silver Bull says:

    Nice i will have to order one to check it out

  41. Leejack 27 says:

    Yep, the Canadian Maple sure is a beauty!

  42. J Roc says:

    Very nice, going to get me some of these sometime soon. Got the 25th anniversary recently.

  43. ShOwStOpp3rr says:

    hey great camera shots!..was dying to see this new coin up close,,your the first one to put out a nice up close shot of the coin..
    not a big fan of the radial lines look over the old style but at least it has an anti-counterfeit benefit to it..

  44. josh bridges says:

    Sounds like Dave Mustaine haha

  45. Ron R says:

    I’m confused. You say you just purchased an 80% silver coin,but you are showing a 9999 pure silver coin. I just purchased 10 silver maple leafs(5 dollar coins) with 9999 on them,the same as you showed,and also from Apmex. They are beautiful! I also bought three  9999 gold maple leaf coins,much more expensive obviously,but I think the silver coins are prettier.

  46. canadiansilvervein says:

    Very nice, I’m definally gonna be buying these… With all these fakes I’ve been debating only buying sunshine mint and now these for their security features..

  47. Titty Winks says:

    your voice just wow

  48. mich65ek2 says:

    The radiated line made the coin more characteristic and reduce the milk spot from appeared as minimun as possible. Also 9999 is always better than 999!

  49. upgrader99 says:

    Geez… the RCM is really taking advantage of the demand.  First, they put a small "privy" (I hate that term) mark on their coins to up the premium (god knows why).  

    Next, after chinese counterfeits have come out, they add the radial marks which will undoubtable up the premiums even more.

    Very cool coin, yes.  But there are *a lot* of very cool coins out, and if you don’t know what that means, take a couple of breaths, close your eyes, and just contemplate it for a bit.   =)

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