The Coin Unboxing Episode #11 | Silver Unboxing

The Coin Unboxing Episode #11

The Coin Unboxing Episode #11

You are in for a real treat tonight. This time on the coin unboxing we have Two coins, one is a silver 1914 Barber quarter in smashing condition and the other is a Proof 2014 Roosevelt Dime with stunning mirrors. Possibly one of the best acquisitions I have made in years. Don’t miss this Coin unboxing, LIVE!

SD Bullion

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6 Responses to The Coin Unboxing Episode #11

  1. CoinHuntingDrew says:

    Very nice packages, funny how there’s a 100 year difference between both the coins.

    If I had to guess, my guess is XF-45.

  2. Garrett Dayton says:

    Nice unboxing Kyle! It’s Garrett by the way. I made a new channel. I’m mostly making music covers if you want to sub. Of course I subbed to you because I’ve watched you for a long time.

  3. steven CHR silver says:

    I would like to say XF-45. btw nice coins!

  4. Coincollector99 says:

    any thing for trade.btw very nice coins ,nice pick ups!!!!!

  5. William Rodrigues says:

    Any traders that would like to discuss and look at other collections I would love to meet 😀

  6. joshingaround 4248 says:

    I’m going with XF-45

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