JM Bullion 41 oz unboxing.. | Silver Unboxing

JM Bullion 41 oz unboxing..

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  1. JM Bullion Inc says:

    Thanks for your order. Message noted on the lack of styrofoam in the tube to silence the jingling.  Our standard protocol calls for styrofoam in all tubes so we will message our pick, pack team and reprimand their mistake. Thank you again for your order and for making this video. Keep stacking.

  2. Baby Stacker says:

    I mean, how good does it feel to handle those metal rounds with bare hands…yea buddy!!

  3. Silverino says:

    attention +JM Bullion Inc, +James Anderson  the gentleman doesn’t need silver bouncing around. JM Bullion is my favorite seller and hoping this is a isolated case. Waiting for my tube of 2014 Libertads, also by check. Anyway a pleasure to meet you, subbed and liked. Take care and keep on stacking!

  4. silverflash says:

    I hate to hear my silver rattle; small heavy box that rattles…..I wonder what could be inside.

  5. SilverHustlin13 says:

    They can do better than that, boils down to disgruntled workers hehehe! Nice stuff Lifer!!

  6. JM Bullion Inc says:

    Hi Silver4Life 1230 can you email our customer service director <> with your order number?
    We want to further resolve this error further.
    Thank you again.

  7. AuRebel says:

    Nice unboxing Silver4Life, thanks for sharing.

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