Silver Unboxing – Poured Bar and Rounds from Monarch | Silver Unboxing

Silver Unboxing – Poured Bar and Rounds from Monarch

Silver Unboxing – Poured Bar and Rounds from Monarch

The first of my orders from the big silver dip. 15 ounces here, including a nice 10oz poured bar from Monarch Precious Metals.

SD Bullion

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50 Responses to Silver Unboxing – Poured Bar and Rounds from Monarch

  1. BigstackMcgee says:

    You’re right, that is a beautiful poured bar.. I can’t imagine I’d ever ship silver from a European mint, but you never know, Apmex may carry it someday

  2. GKG35 says:

    How much did you pay for the bar

  3. BigstackMcgee says:

    very cool, thanks for the tip 101platayoro. They are now on my list!

  4. RequiemFor America says:

    :-p your particular paper silver certificate is made of bernanke’s used toilet paper… >_<

  5. greg williams says:

    No I havent been back since, I’m a big believer in fate. If Im meant to get it, it will happen. I did offer him more than spot, basically name his price, and he said that he wasnt in a hurry to sell them so i really dont like my chances. I will try again when the prices go up a bit.

  6. PharmSilver says:

    Good stuff big stack. I like the poured bars. I’m waiting on my gold mart silver crash order. I got a pile of eagles and maples for under 26$ !

  7. BigstackMcgee says:

    Awesome – can’t wait to see that unboxing PharmSilver!

  8. FrugalLife says:

    The poured bar looks real nice. Not so keen on how they ship in plastic bags

  9. BigstackMcgee says:

    thanks a bunch M4D – I really that logo too.

  10. 101platayoro says:

    silverstackz err is how it b spelt

  11. Metal4Detecting says:

    Nice additions to your stack brother. I like the way they did there initials M P M to look like a crown.

  12. BigstackMcgee says:

    haha, can’t beat the silver kit kat!

  13. PreTrend says:

    What made you say this? I ask only because I plan to make a big purchase via cc in the near future..

  14. DownWordProductions says:

    How much is shipping if I’m buy 1 item?

  15. TheEnneagram says:

    What is a used toilet?

  16. GOOGLE+SUCKS says:

    Also Monarch screws people over that pay with credit cards

  17. RequiemFor America says:

    follow the trail boy… follow the trail…

  18. BigstackMcgee says:

    It is quite thick, and this bar is real fun to hold. I’ll definitely be looking for more of these in the future!

  19. gardehusar24 says:

    I love the bar. It has that rustic look. Reminds me of a tresure hunt :-). Nice buy.

  20. TheEnneagram says:

    Thanks, but where is my hand?

  21. TheEnneagram says:

    ruff ruff … ruff … ruff ruff (tail wags)

  22. Louis Lee says:

    did you try using those monarch coins at chuck e cheese?

  23. BigstackMcgee says:

    If you do, make sure to make a video!

  24. BigstackMcgee says:

    Thanks a bunch, Adam – glad to help!

  25. BigstackMcgee says:

    Yeah, shipping the coins next to each other in a plastic bag is a head-scratcher for me…

  26. 101platayoro says:

    also check out Silverstakz lates acquisition from the geurnsey mint a metelor swiss pored 100 gram o so very nifty smoooth as swiss chocolate pored .

  27. BigstackMcgee says:

    No doubt, jkrogstad5, this stuff is frickin’ treasure! Stack on brother!

  28. BigstackMcgee says:

    Shipping is tiered by amount: Under $100 is $5.95, under $200 is $7.95, under $400 is $10.95, under $600 is $12.95, and so on.

  29. TheEnneagram says:

    So what are my paper silver certificates made out of?

  30. 101platayoro says:

    hey vt is back

  31. TrackstarPre says:

    The more and more i see them hand poured bars are sweet! Cant wait to order some

  32. TheM3Silver says:

    Great video man! I wish I could buy poured bars like that. nice vid 🙂

  33. Irishsilverstack says:

    nice one, more silver to the stack! The bar is so thick.

  34. Mark Christopher says:

    Big, i want one poured too. Beauty

  35. BigstackMcgee says:

    thanks hotneo – I’m very happy with this pickup

  36. CrushingSteve says:

    I like that bar, good vid!

  37. coins rus says:

    looks good i love kit kats

  38. A.S.A says:

    Great buy. I really like that poured bar and I watched the "Keep Track Of Stack" video and found it very useful. Thanks.

  39. hotneo7 says:

    Give yourself a pat on the back. Many people try to time the buy at the bottom & their indecision cost them a small window of opportunity. Sure it may keep going down but the premiums just take place of the dip. I think it was one weekend, where it dip fast right before the premiums kicked in nationwide. So many now that bought on the dip are seeing a nice ROI already. Goldmart jacked up the premiums on pandas from $5.75 to $6.25…crazy high considering pandas known for premiums.

  40. BigstackMcgee says:

    Thanks M3Silver – I appreciate it!

  41. BigstackMcgee says:

    you bet gardehusar24. Now I need like, 10 more to pile up in a treasure chest 😉

  42. BigstackMcgee says:

    thanks greg! Did you ever get that poured Perth bar that your local shop had?

  43. mntofdk66 says:

    If Monarch offered shipping like Provident or SD Bullion id rather go with Monarch. But there shipping is not acceptable for me (but i have bought from them before). 

  44. 101platayoro says:

    hi,i just bought 20 bucks and they come in coin vault square plastic tubes…velly nice…so if you be a poured freak travel to "prospector’s gold and gems" a dot com with lovely por-red bars that rival the monarch and will tept ye proper! keep on stackin, bro.

  45. DARK STITCH 626 says:

    well i have a a bar from a little place called Prospectors Gold and Gems. Check out their page it is legit.

  46. RequiemFor America says:

    Um.. in your case, i dare say that it might be your hand… O_o

  47. BigstackMcgee says:

    Well, I sure hope you get it, greg. I would love to see that.. my affinity for poured bars is only growing, I’m afraid 😀

  48. greg williams says:

    oh man!!! That poured bar :-P~~~ Just outstanding, I find myself on the hunt for them too. Well done mate :-)))

  49. PreTrend says:

    Man I love that poured beauty. Monarch is great for cost averaging your stack! Nice vid.

  50. BigstackMcgee says:

    Thanks Steve!

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