Royal Mint Return Update, New Donald Trump Silver Rounds! | Silver Unboxing

Royal Mint Return Update, New Donald Trump Silver Rounds!

Royal Mint Return Update, New Donald Trump Silver Rounds!

SD Bullion

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15 Responses to Royal Mint Return Update, New Donald Trump Silver Rounds!

  1. Domo says:

    Interesting. I didn’t know Elemetal came out with a 2oz Trump round. Yes, SD Bullion comes out with some negative looking morbid rounds. Chris made some of the best educational videos, but about 2 years ago he started bashing others and going on a negative rant. I have his silver peace proof round. Beautiful symmetry and finish.

  2. Raymond Big Dog says:

    mystery what are you doing

  3. Silver Bear says:

    thanks for the info and review

  4. David Argento says:

    My silver bullion 2oz Queens Beast Lions are milk spotting. Something about all those Trump rounds that look awkward. I guess The Donald is not very photogenic.! 🙂 NGC grades to much stuff. When I saw them grading those Elemetal Cleopatra rounds I was a bit disappointed. Money talks I guess!

  5. losinglouie says:

    Hi Mr. V: thank you for the update, and I’m glad you got most your money back, but sorry for the extreme run around. They are clearly buffoons over there. I decided to roll the dice with my order, just because it was more trouble to cancel it than to keep it. I’m still waiting on my 1 ounce and my 10 ounce coins. I know, risky move! Have a great day, LL

  6. Silver Stacking Insomniac says:

    Sorry to hear this. Mine is still flawless…no milk spots or anything….so far.

  7. LadyLibertyStacker says:

    Yes, I saw those Elemental Mint rounds too and the depiction is fairly accurate, although I am not a fan of this design.  My Bernie von Nothaus (Liberty Dollars) Trump Dollars are in and I will be putting up a video in the next few days when I get some free time!  Thanks for the mention too btw.  Anyway, some interesting coins there, but I will stick with the ones I have now.  Love Trump or hate him, some of these coins might be a great flip!  lol

  8. akiraproject24 says:

    Would love the elemetal trump round. Unfortunately MCM usually price gouges.

  9. walt2t says:

    A nice variety of Trump rounds becoming available. Nice to see you got at least most of your money back from the RM

  10. CyberCurtainTwitcher says:

    Glad the Royal Mint eventually set it straight. At least being £12.50 out of pocket is a lot less than you would have lost on those coins had you tried to flip them. I’m holding out for an official US Mint Trump coin, so i sincerely hope they do a silver one.

  11. Paradigm Failure says:

    I love the Silver Shield Trump round. It’s all attitude, just like Trump. Chris Duane also released the Vote Witch Hillary round. Great fun.

  12. Irishsilverstack says:

    wow its very poor they didnt pay for the shipping to you, That should be done. the elemetal mint trump coin is nice.

  13. LadyLibertyStacker says:

    First…..A thumbs down already?  Geesh!!!

  14. 24K ArabiaFelix says:

    that sucks that you lost out on that return pretty shady.

  15. Goudhaantje says:

    A Trump tower of Trump coins is Real stacking.

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