JM Bullion Unboxing: 2015 1.25 oz Canadian Silver Bison Coin | Silver Unboxing

JM Bullion Unboxing: 2015 1.25 oz Canadian Silver Bison Coin

JM Bullion Unboxing: 2015 1.25 oz Canadian Silver Bison Coin

The fastest shipping I have ever experienced on an order. Amazing coins. Rest assured I will do a close up video on these.

SD Bullion

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50 Responses to JM Bullion Unboxing: 2015 1.25 oz Canadian Silver Bison Coin

  1. A-TOM-MIK says:

    Great Vid SalivateMetal and awesome purchase, I just read about the JM Bullion deal, I’m headed to make that purchase right now and received my $10 value code. Thanks SM and JMB

  2. totch22 says:

    Do we know the mintage is on these?

  3. John P says:

    Oh my pic did change, Here is a real bison in front of my place last year.

  4. hstone39 says:

    What is the mintage limit on these Bisons?

  5. pbarrie007 says:

    Great coin. Nice detail on the bison and nice background image. Also like the fact they release this in 1 1/4 instead of 1 ounce. Something different for the collection. Get one a couple of weeks ago and also hoping they don’t develop milk spotting.

  6. stack rex says:

    I love the pattern on the coin, very nice. 

  7. Rex Argent says:

    I too luv these coins Sal.
    they’re like a Marshall that goes to 11.

  8. Jason Falconbridge says:

    Cool! I must have missed these. I love the 1.5 Toz. polar bears and just got a tube of the 3/4 Toz. wolves but I’ll have to get some of these now. Thanks for the tip on JM too. That’s the great thing about the YouTube silver community.

  9. Tylor G says:

    I saw this deal on JM’s website but still on the fence about the coin. What do you think about the asking price?

  10. James Anderson says:

    Your videos’ intro / out are awesome. The surprise cat was fun as well. Nice pickup and thanks for buying from us.

    BTW – Be sure to pick up your free $10 coupon for making this unboxing video –

  11. Hi-Yo Silver says:

    You just helped me make up my mind…I’m ordering some of these! JM Bullion is by far my favorite place to order from. 

  12. MUDSWAT says:

    Its interesting Canada put a $8 face value on it. Do they know something the rest of us won’t.. Will silver see an $8 spot price again ? Cool pickups, I’ve subbed !

    Keep @ it and Happy Stacking !!

  13. JM Bullion Inc says:

    Thanks for your patronage and making this awesome video SalivateMetal.
    All stackers out there can get some silver below spot if you follow suit –
    Thanks again!

  14. MrShortpants0 says:

    I know you like free shipping promos SM so APMEX has one now. If you order the 2015 1 oz Britannia silver coin you get free shipping on your entire order. I think there is a $50 minimum order. Enter code 15BRIT. I just placed an order today. 

  15. john c says:

    Great pieces!  I like the designs for these and the 3/4 oz on APMEX but I might hold back if there aren’t air tight cases that could fit them properly.  Any idea of the mintage? 

  16. Gold Goblin says:

    The details on those are very nice indeed.

  17. Macaframa1 says:

    I ordered some after I saw your video! I think they look neat.

  18. Steve AU/AG says:

    I’ve been using J. M. Bullion a lot lately. Good prices and free shipping.

  19. Ricky Majano says:

    Great Video. Those coins look great and about to order a few for my stack. Thanks for the review always enjoy your videos.

  20. mikeyg53 says:

    great pick up .I am torn between a full tube or 10 pieces.Ill just flip a coin.thx for sharing.

  21. clearasvodka says:

    A very handsome coin no doubt.  The premium for China on these must be unreal high.  Still, if I see one from one of my favorite dealers I just may pay the extra for it.

  22. stillkeepin1 says:

    RCM is killing me with these sizes lol

  23. Jared C. says:

    I grade them a cool crisp 70…. Nice buy salivate

  24. laj5126 says:

    JM is super fast and always has great prices.

  25. bart Silver says:

    One more for the wish list!

  26. MrUlfang says:

    Very Nice Silver Bison.

  27. geggs1 says:

    Very nice indeed Salivate. Thx for the close up shots. Nice detail.

  28. silverflash says:

    Very nice coin.

  29. Numismatic King says:

    The RCM is coming out with all sorts of odd weights on their coins this coin is a must buy however for all numismatic coin collectors as I see this coin having definite numismatic potential in the future love the detail and thickness thanks for sharing : )


  30. SilverStackerKid says:

    Thanks for sharing. I was hoping to see them up close like that. That is VERY beautiful.

  31. bigcrushjake says:

    i love these.  do you know it there is an airtite to fit this coin?  i have to have all my coins and rounds in airtites!!

  32. JubileeGiggles says:

    let’s hope the milk spotting is remedied with these. they are such nice coins

  33. JubileeGiggles says:

    i bought ten of these when they were first released, and am now noticing one with some pretty extreme milkspotting starting to appear, and one with a little less. Bummer

  34. Silver Slacker says:

    They look great!  I placed that exact same order yesterday, but mine will take some time because I paid by check.

  35. BigStack Daddy says:

    I am waiting on mine! I bought 2 tubes (50oz).  With the free shipping included, it works out to be $18.48 an ounce. Good price.

  36. 1990mrburns says:

    I’m looking for capsules for these but I dont know what the right size is.

  37. MrVegiita says:

    is there an air tite available for this coin?

  38. Stokjockey says:

    At the 1:57 mark of this video we are blessed with Soft KITTY PORN !!!

  39. J Silver says:

    They look really good!

  40. 24K ArabiaFelix says:

    The weight is what makes this attractive!!

  41. Leejack 27 says:

    Very nice coin Sal! Sounds like JMB did you right.

  42. John P says:

    Nice coins, Thanks for sharing.

  43. TeenBritishBullion says:

    Do you normally speak like that? or is it some audio trick?

  44. Gold Lover says:

    Hey SM,
    You got these fast? Must have paid by CC
    I ordered some the same day you did.(by check though) …probably wont get them for 2 more weeks.
    They look nice. Doesn’t look like they will fit in a capsule.
    …go get ur $10 Ha!

  45. SilverHustlin13 says:

    Nice grabs Mr. SM. The video pushed me over the fence their really nice ! Thanks for your time!

  46. Michigan Treasure Hunter says:

    Nice unboxing! That is a cool coin! Check out the unboxing video I just uploaded. Thanks! 🙂

  47. Tom Malloy says:


  48. losinglouie says:

    Nice presentation.  The thickness is very appealing.  Take care, LL

  49. silver tangent says:

    bought mine in nov 2015 for 23.20 from jm beautifull coin,did not see it till then,i do believe it was on sale. thanks for the vid sm as always.

  50. duMaurier15 says:

    Just wondering why you bought 5 of these? When I started investing/collecting silver coins I used to buy 2 of everything..that way I can sell or lose 1 and still have another. But now I’ve been buying 4 so I can sell 2 and still have 2 left for my self.

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