392oz of silver | Silver Unboxing

392oz of silver

392oz of silver

Unboxing my APMEX order. I discovered my 1 kilo Kook case was cracked.. 5 Kilo Geiger Security Bar, 100 oz Republic Metals Bar, 100 oz Johnson Mathey bar, 1 Kilo Kookaburra

SD Bullion

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48 Responses to 392oz of silver

  1. MUDSWAT says:

    New sub, I wish I could make purchases like that !!

    Keep @ it and Happy Stacking !!

  2. Gilbert C says:

    5000G?? That’s massive! Good Job..

  3. Barren und Münzen says:

    Very cool

  4. Bill Rundell says:

    If the bars were counterfeit, that is a big purchase to risk on 3 items.
    Are they ,999 silver ?
    Are they solid silver? What is inside these hug bars

  5. Brandon Black says:

    is it normal to have an erection while watching this silver porn ?

  6. Midas Mulligan says:

    Great stuff! Bummer about the case, but at least APMEX knows how to make it right

  7. gemmint77 says:

    I would be pissed if some mailman left that much silver on my front porch. Should have had signature confirmation.

  8. jcngoodnews says:

    WHY?? WHY??? Is your thumb stitched????   What happened???Talk about it ?????

  9. Nick Vostoris says:

    LOOK AT THE SILVER CLOSER!!!!!!! There is black dots on the coin also. I have seen 3 other videos of this same coin that have been damaged.

  10. Gooble Goobble says:

    Very nice unboxing.

  11. WeaponSINAmericA says:

    bet money you are in some sort of construction type business or a builder of some sort.

  12. cmdstraker says:

    That five kilo monster says "Geiger precious metals" in german on the front

  13. Michaelarch ArchAngel says:

    nice pick ups accept for the air tite . Call Apmex and get a new one

  14. Spencer Gaunt says:

    What the fuck did you do to your hands? Stitched thumb and missing fingernail…

  15. SilverBird says:

    I can see why they call it the ‘security’ bar. Along with signalling aircraft and other uses, you could swing it like a maglite in self defense!

  16. Silver Stacker says:

    Hi Silver Nomad I checked out your video and enjoy your channel and I subscribed to your channel, check out my channel and subscribe back to my channel I will be looking for more videos from you thanks in advance if you subscribe to my channel

  17. The12xke says:

    another stacking moron…..

  18. Q- Shine says:

    Invest in a box cutter brutha

  19. SalivateSilver says:

    MAN That be lots of silverz.

  20. Marcus Silveritis says:

    Awesome order.Want one of those 5 k bars.Thank,s for the look.

  21. Dutch Silver Bullion Collector says:

    Nice big chunky coin and bars, good choice in buying them; thanks for showing

  22. Apophis88 says:

    Geiger Edelmetalle Silber 999. Geiger Precious Metals Silver 999. It’s German Langauge. Nice Silver Collection.

  23. Kalash FDP says:

    Hello i have to know why do u prefere to stacking silver than gold
    Gold is better than silver

  24. Smitty says:

    dang how do you get so much at a time?

  25. Pea Ness says:

    The old lady on the front of that kookaburra coin is so Beautiful!!!! Not!

  26. Silver4Life 1230 says:

    did the wife give you hell for buying so much silver lol.. great pick ups

  27. Silver4Life 1230 says:

    that’s one crazy unboxing.. Really enjoy your unboxings..

  28. Sterling Archer says:

    How does everyone feel about Apmex vs sites like Kitco or JM Bullion? I used to buy local when I lived in Austin, but since moving back to the sticks I’ve been forced to purchase online. It seems like Apmex has better premiums but if anyone knows of a better site for low premium bullion, I would love to know. Have a great day and keep stacking all!

  29. Rodney Parker says:

    How long does it take to reach you after you order the product.

  30. Jared C. says:

    Probably the weight of all the other bars and one good toss into the truck by the post man.

  31. Darth Silver says:

    Badass bars

  32. Will C says:

    Ugh, I hate turning a coin over and looking at the queen’s head, it takes the originality out of the coin, especially when you like to collect coins from other Countries.

    Man that JM Kilo is nice…. Geiger’s security line is nice too. The 10oz bars come in a wooden box. Never seen that giant 5kilo bar, lol. With all those large bars you should be sure to get 100 silver Eagles or so (and a roll of 64 and lower silver dimes, quarters, and halves for fractional silver). If the dollar crashes you don’t want to have to chisel off chunks off a 5 kilo bar to trade for bread and milk 😀

  33. JD Django says:

    GOOD GOD!!!

  34. cooldog60 says:

    The silver coin is nice. But the picture of the devil on it scares me away.

  35. J Silver says:

    That was awesome!

  36. Drake Borden says:

    I know I’m a little late…lol. Good video. If you want Some to see your video put the name A

  37. craneoperator4 says:

    those bars are awesome

  38. SomeDude1777 says:

    liked and subbed please check out my channel as well =)

  39. Alex Branson says:

    i got 4 stitches on the same thumb same spot

  40. argentum taibhsear says:

    APMEX strikes again!

  41. ex nuke music says:

    Wtf happen to your hand

  42. TigerShark says:


  43. Avalanche2 says:

    A $1600 dollar loss there.  Not bad as far as silver goes.

  44. Alex Branson says:

    you must have a lot of money to do this

  45. The Shadow Broker says:

    Yeah that’s UPS…lazy employees who don’t care.

  46. david christ says:

    What does that coin weigh? Looks like only 1 troy ounce!!!

  47. Uncle Unicorn says:

    That Geiger is going to be a bitch to resell if silver goes up a ton

  48. AssetBuilder 1 says:

    I love the items in your video! Thank you for showing them to us. I love accumulating silver and I am getting ready for the day when my paper money is worthless. I rather have real assets I can hold in my hand. So I will accumulate a bit more every month. I have a few silver videos on my channel. Curious what your exit strategy is? Or is this wealth for the next generation?

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