2017 Panda Privy Silver Maple Leaf Coin | Silver Unboxing

2017 Panda Privy Silver Maple Leaf Coin

2017 Panda Privy Silver Maple Leaf Coin


SD Bullion

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42 Responses to 2017 Panda Privy Silver Maple Leaf Coin

  1. COINS SHOW says:

    got to love the privy coins thank you kind sir

  2. Mannyb839 says:

    Nice pick ups Sal!

  3. losinglouie says:

    Very pretty. He’s a cute little guy, don’t let them eat your Mapleleaf!

  4. LadyLibertyStacker says:

    Nice Privy maple but it looks like a grizzly bear, not a panda! lol. It should do well for you! :-). I too am collecting the silver Queens Beast series, I feel that should do very well as there is nothing else like it!

  5. Ferdinand Montes / calor1030 says:

    Love that Panda privy

  6. My3dviews says:

    Nice.  🙂    Mine is showing up today.  Also ordered a few of the 150 anniversary reverse proof as well:  https://silvergoldbull.ca/1-oz-2017-canadian-maple-leaf-150th-anniversary-privy-reverse-proof-silver-coin

  7. Beachbum ShipwreckSilver says:

    Those maple privy coins are beautiful man.  I guess they won’t milk spot as much maybe either.

  8. Richard Forester says:

    Very nice coin! I like the "reverse proof/frosted" design.

  9. David Argento says:

    The capsules that came with the Maples look like Lighthouse brand. I picked up a few black ring capsules for the Queens Beast. That reminds me I need to put a coin in one to see how they fit and if the rattle at all.

  10. JRW3 says:

    I dont get the whole Privy thing.I hope you didnt pay too much of a premium,as most RCM coins tend to milkspot.

  11. coinsan currency says:

    Very Nice 2017 Panda Privy Silver Maple Leaf Coin Sal!

  12. Silver Slacker says:

    Congrats on getting yours as well bud!

  13. Silver Wolverine says:

    Check out my vid. I just unboxed a couple plus some others….


  14. Stacking 4fun says:

    cool coin

  15. Donald in New Mexico says:

    Hi Sal, That’s the biggest privy mark I have seen on a Mapel Leaf. Very nice. Thanks, Donald

  16. Silver Wolverine says:

    I am afraid of all RCM coins. After a few of
    My wolf privy reverse proof milk spotted on the queens face…

  17. silver bullet says:

    I’m waiting on my 2016 and 2017 panda privy Maple Leafs to come in. Can’t wait! thanks for the video, now I know what to expect as far as packaging goes when they arrive.

  18. J Silver says:

    Not too shabby!

  19. Big Rich Silver says:

    beautiful pieces Sal…love maples.

  20. gold bear bunny says:

    ah how i love seeing new things and stuck in camp useing their free wi fi lol love it

  21. Stackin Ag47 says:

    awesome capsules and even cooler coins. I love the reverse proof with a panda relief!! That’s a lot of awesomeness going on in one coin!! I will have to look into one of those. Thank you for sharing

  22. Bluelightbandit says:

    Cool blade ya got there, Sal! What kind of watch are you wearing?

  23. Silver Addict says:

    Nice piece I really like maples I’d like to get more it’s just the milk spots that bother me

  24. SilverStrike says:

    You gotta love fat and furry; (I’m not referring to my girlfriend.)

  25. Justin Ramirez says:

    I recently bought one of the regular 2017 maple leaf coins. Should arrive thursday, I cant wait!
    I think I’ll add one of these to my next order when I have enough cash saved up. They look real nice!

  26. Silver to burn says:

    Great video thank you sir! The Panda looks more like a typical Bear not a Panda!?

  27. Sequoia Silver says:

    Could you do a silver boxing with s&ck part one?

  28. Colonic Stacker says:

    I would like to see a privy which is the image of General Mattis

  29. Apprentice gilligan says:

    those are really nice thanks for sharing.

  30. Massachusetts Prepper says:

    Those panda privies look really nice for sure brother. Thanks for sharing.

  31. walt2t says:

    Great looking Maples. Awesome pickups.

  32. B Davis says:

    I think I like the square capsules

  33. jctai100 says:

    Thanks for the Canada love. My first and probably only silver will be the Canada 150 privy!

  34. SilverTorch66 says:

    Great looking Panda Privy’s Sal! The reverse proofs are the only coins from RCM that I feel comfortable ordering anymore these days.

  35. Good Tips says:

    Funny, I bought queen beasts 2016 and 2017 (you said queen is beast?) a few days ago but only Ag. I hope you will get Au 😛
    A multitude of gratitude!

  36. David Argento says:

    Yes The Coin Shoppe ships from Niagra Falls , NY Those are nice coins and I noticed how they offered singles in 2 different capsules. I was pleased with the purchase from them. Your so clever in your video productions Sal. Sftkty #1 would probably be look formidable next to a large Panda. I have a sorta interesting story about a large cat thats kinda unique I should share it in this comment section. Its about my old friends cat Butch. We called him Butch the Winstrol kitty! Now if the viewers are interested in hearing the story first research what Winstrol is and we can go from there! 🙂

  37. RB50 says:

    Those Maple Leaf coins are growing on me. I really like the frosted background. Not a fan of the "panda" though because to me it really doesn’t look like a panda.

  38. Sebastion Haff says:

    I think all the Royal Canadian Mint did was to reuse the grizzly bear privy and "try" to make it look like a panda. No panda actually looks like that. 🙁

  39. Silver Gator says:

    nice pickups

  40. shiny packAGe says:

    very beautiful panda privy:) reverse proof is so gorgeous! thanks for the look

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