Unboxing of the 2015 Chromadepth 3D Silver coin from Artmint | Silver Unboxing

Unboxing of the 2015 Chromadepth 3D Silver coin from Artmint

Unboxing of the 2015 Chromadepth 3D Silver coin from Artmint

The craziest coin of the year is here! Take a look at this 3-D Nuie Coin from Paris. At www.pariscoins.com. Apmex and Ebay have a few as well.

Please watch: “EPIC BULLION CONTEST – Opens WorldWide 11-14-2015”
➨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUv8B2ELl7g

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34 Responses to Unboxing of the 2015 Chromadepth 3D Silver coin from Artmint

  1. J. AuH20 says:

    very beautiful and unique coin just curious how many chins does the queen have in 3D

  2. corndogg 42 says:

    but have yo got the one that smells like pizza yet

  3. SilverStrike says:

    Cool. I believe that’s the most different coin I’ve seen yet.

  4. Rex Argent says:

    999 fine/110% bullshit.

  5. SalivateMetal says:

    Interesting coin for sure. Had not heard of them before.

  6. Kevin Grootaers says:

    That is a beautiful coin Louie.

  7. Numis Mm says:

    Nice coin … not sure I could or would pay like $140 bucks for it though

  8. Quarter Hoarder says:

    Pretty cool. I wish we could have seen the 3-D effect. You don’t have a double lens camera that records simultaneously I guess? Lol.

  9. CoinsandStuff 1 says:

    nice, modern coins sure can be interesting

  10. Paradigm Failure says:

    Too rich for my blood.

  11. Gold Bug says:

    interesting indeed!!

  12. Silver Streak says:

    Interesting. Amazing what they do with coins today. Thanks for sharing losinglouie.

  13. CyberCurtainTwitcher says:

    Certainly an unusual piece.

  14. McG silver says:

    Yea no flashbacks for LL while starring at that coin. It’s a interesting idea. Are they going to make more?

  15. SecretSilverStacker says:

    Very unique coin you got there LL. Thanks for sharing.

  16. encepurdy68 says:

    That is a cool looking coin

  17. Silver Slacker says:

    Yup, this is a Youtube first!  Strange it didn’t come in a capsule.  But I’m glad you like it!  Pretty cool idea.

  18. Jacob Nichols says:

    i have my own 3d cromadepth glasses (not sunglasses) and you need a blacklight to get the float affect when i put them on i got not really much floaty affect. and this glasses rule to high heavens


    I’m a little stupid when it comes to foreign coins I admit…but whats up with the French coin having the Queen of England on it???…Neat and definitely different!

  20. Silver Speed says:

    they could of gone for a 3D horse :/… in time i guess.

  21. Salboy says:

    That coin looks like a fun one to have! I rewatched the video with my 3D glasses but I didn’t see any effects unfortunately 🙁 Would you say the coin is worth the price you paid for it?

  22. HiHo Silver says:

    fantastique!  I’ve glanced at those online – great to see it up close – thanks LL – see you again – HiHo

  23. IraQ Nid says:

    I can see the illusion with my chromadepth 3D glasses. No different than seeing the stereoscopic illusion with m chromadepth trippy fractals on my you tube channel.

  24. Mancunian Stacker says:

    Pretty cool

  25. LadyLibertyStacker says:

    Very cool coin and I’ve not seen one of these on YT until your video! lol. I’ve seen these (I think) on Choice Bullion but didn’t know what it was! If it wasn’t this coin, I am not sure what it was. Thanks for sharing LL!

  26. silverflash says:

    Really cool coin!

  27. joecugo says:

    Thats dumb as hell

  28. sy says:

    thats cool man!! i have an old pair of 3d glasses im gonna attempt to look at this with them!! haha!

  29. cha5cha5cow says:

    They should have included a capsule for storage. I also wonder why they aren’t doing to well on the market?



  31. silvernut FL says:

    Very nice, thanks for showing.

  32. 24K ArabiaFelix says:


  33. SILVER ROOKIE says:

    That is an awesome looking coin. Never even heard of it, but cool nonetheless. I imagine it is really cool with the 3d glasses.

  34. AuRebel says:

    Pretty cool coin LL.

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