2 New 10 ounce NTR Silver bars – Unboxing | Silver Unboxing

2 New 10 ounce NTR Silver bars – Unboxing

2 New 10 ounce NTR Silver bars – Unboxing

WEBSITE: http://silvergoldbuddy.blogspot.com/

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/SilverGoldBuddy


Description: Two New 10 Ounces Troy Silver bars, NTR Metals, Assaters & Refiners. Fine Silver .999 From SGB ( Silvergoldbull.com )
I picked these up from a local Canadian Silver bullion online dealer ( SGB ) i am vary happy with what i got – A Million thanks!

SD Bullion

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48 Responses to 2 New 10 ounce NTR Silver bars – Unboxing

  1. ShocKMurder says:

    oh I think you just misread enforcedmarco he means 5-10 ounces not 5-10x 10 ounce bars

  2. SSmithProductions says:

    You bought 20oz of silver, now what?

  3. Owen Godward says:

    This kids lisp is killing me. Buy gold not ssssssssssssilver

  4. Dee Deedz says:

    how big is 4ft

  5. Mark Christopher says:

    I have 1 of those. Got it at wilshire coins.

  6. Roger Smith says:

    wow love the stash have a look at my collection

  7. MainOffenderKZ says:

    @Jonnobongo yes, I ordered 3 ntr 10oz and a tube of 20 coins this morning
    so a total of 50oz and it cost me CA$29.36 for the with fedex, I could have use normal canadian post but it was more expensive… that was weird.. lol
    BTW, it was my first time buying from SGB and so far, the price are really good, I found it to be the best site to buy if u live in canada.

  8. Dee Deedz says:

    I have grass but none around the edges, will it be there? i think i have a mine under my garden becus there is a metall floor and under that there is pips im going to start now

  9. merf64 says:

    @SilverGoldBuddy So I went to Albern coins and boy that was dissapointing they have a good selection but are a little over +4$ spot per ounce. I checked the banks and they were 5-6$ over per ounce, but i found Calgary Coin which is only +2 which is by far the cheapest and he said he has about 400 1 ounce silver on hand now.

  10. ShocKMurder says:

    ya for sure

  11. tweak114 says:

    you handle a knife wrong

  12. MainOffenderKZ says:

    @MainOffenderKZ typo: for the "shipping" with fedex

  13. Green Goose says:

    It’s hilarious how undervalued silver is. 

  14. Booker Cocks says:

    holy fuck, you are gonna lose a finger one day

  15. merf64 says:

    Hey guys I live in calgary AB Canada and was wondering if anyone knew of a good site to order off of or any stores in calgary to get silver bars. I have been checking out some of the big name sites and they charge about 2-3 dollars per ounce more then the actual silver price and have about 10 dollars for shipping for anything under 350$ so if i buy a couple of ounces of silver that is currently at 35 an ounce it will cost me about 40 an ounce to buy any ideas or suggestions?

  16. Echo B says:

    I bought 12.5kg of gold nearly 400,000 dollars…stupid

  17. Alex C. says:

    not trying to troll but your going to cut yourself

  18. Victor Morrow says:

    they are lead

  19. Peter says:

    seem like he’s advertising the company lol

  20. DownwithKlownz4lyf says:

    you told me about this site and made my first bar purchase from them a couple days ago and I spent 100 less then you I think I did good 🙂

  21. Scott varner says:

    Just want to say hell yes for the nerds. Which most of the cool kids end up working for later in life.  LMAO  Hell being different is celebrated now and computers are the shit where they use to be um geeky. Hell yes for knowledge because it brings money, wealth, and God knows what else.  By the way kid great investment i haven’t bought 10 oz bars yet but it looks cheaper to buy those than 10 of the 1 oz bars.  Thank you for your un-boxing review sir.

  22. Inte8ranD says:

    @SilverGoldBuddy Thank you…

  23. Toker says:

    the fk are you gonna do with silver bars?

  24. Greg H. says:

    Well at least he wanted to show us something like where you can get them cause I had no idea. LOL yah he lost money ah well

  25. Raamattu Videoita says:

    It took you over minute to open that 😀 but nice bars

  26. Nameless_Ghost says:

    Here we are

  27. Inev8able says:

    @SilverGoldBuddy r there any extra custom charges, i live in toronto ontario.

  28. Jordan Mears says:

    Their has to be a better way to open a box… Its like a fat kid in a candy store

  29. THE BIG RAGOO says:

    You so work for them. Very obvious and annoying

  30. PizzaAndFirearms says:


  31. Thorson Runes says:

    So I’m guessing like most videos on here this guy works for the company and/or owns a coin shop. Something you need to keep in mind is the fact that all these companies, are selling silver and gold to make cash!

  32. Gamertag Woody says:

    Yeah, if you go deep enough, you can dig them out of the ground stealing it from earth.

  33. tyler groff says:

    He lost money LOL.

  34. merf64 says:

    @SilverGoldBuddy Hey thanks for the info im going to check out albern coins today or tomorrow to see there prices and selection for silver bullion. Thats quite a drive to rocky mountain house to save on s/h lol still there site marks up the silver by 3-5 dollars an ounce so hopefully albern coin shop works out.

  35. Joseph Paniello says:

    Nice Packaging! Kitco is located in Canada as well.

  36. Dan Trevino says:

    Oh so it was 5 ozs bars to 10 ozs bars, not 5 10 0zs bars. That explains it the math. LOL still a good investment.

  37. ShocKMurder says:

    lol 5-10 ounces of gold is not $75000 lol…~$1600 per ounce your math is a little off

  38. Dee Deedz says:

    Will they be in my garden? nd how deep?

  39. Dee Deedz says:

    Does anyone know where I can steal some from? I’d buy them but I have no money and my dad said It’s all fake anyway but I think it’s real and want some for when I turn 18 to sell so I can buy a house.

  40. justin time says:

    So you paid about 40$ each canadien I’m glad I didn’t buy silver in 2011 buy low sell high it’s funny how when stuff rises people buy the most

  41. Aaron Vaun says:

    never cut towards yourself

  42. mooddog07 says:

    so so true man

  43. Gamertag Woody says:

    2-4ft, usually they can be found in backyards with no grass or anything on the dirt it means you’re ontop of a underground mine, and you can get into it and find diamonds and gold nuggets. Good luck you’ll need it.

  44. Dan Trevino says:

    LOL, at the time I posted this, a 10oz bars was $15000.00 now times that by 5 would come out to $75000.00.

  45. lifelessperson1993 says:

    You must be real patriotic to keep mentioning that SGB is a Canadian company and that they’ve a good rating from a rating’s company…

  46. Blossom Utonium says:

    @enforcedmarco buy a few hundred ounces of silver bars instead.

  47. Don S says:

    NTR North Texas Refinery…

  48. IAMGOD712007 says:

    I have some you can buy.

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