APMEX Reviews | Watch Before You Invest! | APMEX Gold Bars | Gold APMEX.com review | Silver Unboxing

APMEX Reviews | Watch Before You Invest! | APMEX Gold Bars | Gold APMEX.com review

APMEX Reviews | Watch Before You Invest! | APMEX Gold Bars | Gold APMEX.com review

Call 1-844-335-4767 or visit http://RegalAssetsGoldIRAs.com for your Free Gold Investing kit.

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Investing in gold requires some careful consideration just as any other kind of financial investment. Remember that the rate of gold is constantly going up and down. The gold that you choose to might not have that same value in the future. You have to be able to determine if you believe that the price of gold will certainly increase or if you will wait till it returns down.

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14 Responses to APMEX Reviews | Watch Before You Invest! | APMEX Gold Bars | Gold APMEX.com review

  1. dennis danforth says:

    I ordered a $2,200 coin from APMEX just last week (first and last order with them) and they shipped me an $1,100 coin (on purpose/in error). Now I have to wait another week for the right merchandise.

  2. Alex Uryuski says:

    stupid mstherfucker

  3. phong tran says:

    Anybody ever sell gold or silver back to apmex? Are they good online dealer ? And how about jmbullion ? I am still don’t know what is best online precious metal to buy and sell ?

  4. Miss Apples says:

    the only regal assets complaint had been resolved and apmex’s not resolved confirmed by the BBB.. so go with Regal they have a good rating and customer support and store their gold state side not in foreign lands where it can take many weeks to get your delivery.

  5. Sheridan Mikula says:

    I think to invest in gold .

  6. Carl Alston says:

    lm carl

  7. Jon Bassett says:


  8. Kristen Tred says:

    Would you invest in gold ?

  9. blargg says:

    Ironically the implicit message of these ads where they badmouth APMEX then push themselves is that they think highly of APMEX.

  10. Aheezy Da Islander says:

    Definitely a good review. Great company even for small purchases, I purchased my American Eagles from them, and had nothing but excellent service.

  11. Carlos Lam says:

    But what’re the total number of transactions per year for APMEX vs. Regal Assets? 39 complaints vs. 1 complaint sounds bad but may not be depending on total transactions.

  12. Stumpjumper says:

    Better business info can be misleading. For one thing Apmex is a large company and probably does more sales in a day than you do in a month so percentage wise your complaints may actually be higher, Most customers who have problems don’t report it to the BBB to tell friends and family and simply stop using that company.

  13. silverira says:

    to learn more excluisve on gold and silver ira try: https://twitter.com/tommoor86458550/status/829150424162766849

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