Modern Coin Mart Unboxing – Tiny Gold | Silver Unboxing

Modern Coin Mart Unboxing – Tiny Gold

Modern Coin Mart Unboxing – Tiny Gold

Silver & Gold Playlist:

Modern Coin Mart
Gold Unboxing

2013 1/10 oz Gold Eagle
2013 1/10 oz Gold Maple

SD Bullion

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13 Responses to Modern Coin Mart Unboxing – Tiny Gold

  1. Hexkwondo says:

    I thought the coloring of the gold eagle seemed a little dull when I got it. I think I will try and buy a Canadian maple leaf next.

  2. ThesharpNshiny says:

    I agree, definitely great points to be pro 1/10 ouncers. I love them too, and my ultimate goal is to add 20 to my stack

  3. ThesharpNshiny says:

    Very nice coins. I really like the 10th ounce gold coins, but want to save up for bigger coins down the road. Although… I don’t have a 1/10th maple leaf yet…hmmm… 🙂

  4. LEVERA6E Silver says:


  5. Avery Ewing says:

    Eagles do have a dull look to them because there 22k and not 24. I saw a fake a while back and that’s one of the signs it was fake it tested 24 k and was bright gold.

  6. Angel Silver4Tseven says:

    Berry nice … You got some goldies there… Wish I was rich like you 🙁

  7. myonecat69 says:

    I’m a big fan of those 1/10 gold coins, too, especially the American Gold Eagles. Subbed.

  8. LEVERA6E Silver says:

    I want to do that too, I’m still pretty new to the gold game. I realize that the tinier coins coins are less cost effective in comparison…but my thinking is it minimizes risk and increases the ease of selling.

  9. PreTrend says:

    Nice Leverage, good way to add a 1/5 oz of gold to the stack. I’m also a fan of the 1/10 oz gold rounds.. I trying to piece together the entire lunar series in the 1/10 oz denomination. It’ll be a long journey.

  10. LEVERA6E Silver says:

    Thanks man, welcome aboard!

  11. Gavin Alvares says:

    I subbed

  12. LEVERA6E Silver says:

    Thanks, I couldn’t miss out on gold at this price.

  13. LEVERA6E Silver says:

    I agree, it would be nice to have that on the fractionals

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