2oz Egyptian Anubus and Cleopatra coins from SilverGoldbull | Silver Unboxing

2oz Egyptian Anubus and Cleopatra coins from SilverGoldbull

Picked up some non government mint silver from www.silvergoldbull.com

2 oz Ancient Egyptian, culture and mythology. This series can go many ways as they haven’t limited themselves to either historical monarchs or deity’s.
Very fascinating and BEAUTIFUL deep jewelry grade strikes.
2 oz 999 silver get some now while they are somewhat reasonable.

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3 Responses to 2oz Egyptian Anubus and Cleopatra coins from SilverGoldbull

  1. tino van der zwan phono cave! says:

    I''m almost tempted rob but I go for old coins I like to get an example of each big silver ever made before 1930 and I don't care about quality ''worse for wear I don't care!''
    I live in the Netherlands and I bought myself a dutch 1769 3 guilder (3 gulden in dutch) silver piece (dubbelen daalder / double thaler) I bought it for 25 euro's and yes its worse for wear but I can't find it anywhere on the web and that's always a good thing when you know it's real! that means it's rare it's probably in the books somewhere but it's not on sale anywhere in the world at the moment
    another i found today is a Maria Theresia thaler according to the book on the 1780 thaler it could be the 1808 minting the difference lies in the dots or lack there off or adding there off the 1808 minting has .1780.X like this ''.1.780.X'' with a dot after the 1 instead of the normal flourish of the no1 maybe something to look out for on your MT thalers (the letter A is pronounced as a round A like in bach aka js bach the composer)

  2. COINS SHOW says:

    very nice silver rounds i have the 2 oz cleopatra looking into getting the anubis thanks for sharing Robert beaudoin

  3. SilverTorch66 says:

    Great rounds, I really like the series as well. I hope the 3rd release comes out soon! Enjoyed the vid, subbed and liked.

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