JM Bullion and Ebay Silver Unboxing, 11-21-14 | Silver Unboxing

JM Bullion and Ebay Silver Unboxing, 11-21-14

JM Bullion and Ebay Silver Unboxing, 11-21-14

Today I received 2 Tubes of Noah’s Ark 1 oz silver coins (Geiger Edelmetalle Mint) and a tube of 1965 .80 silver Canadian Dollars picked up on Ebay.
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22 Responses to JM Bullion and Ebay Silver Unboxing, 11-21-14

  1. stack rex says:

    Super Jealous of the great conditsch on those Canuck Dollars. Those
    Armenian Coins are awesome to, one of my faves, you are a generous bloke
    but mate, I am not half Armenian hahahaha. Hope you got that joke. Great

  2. James Anderson says:

    Nice pickups!

    Those Noah’s Arks are explosively shiny. Glad to see our delivery times are
    keeping ahead of increasing bullion demand. Thanks for your order and for
    making this video.

  3. Jesse Silver says:

    Great great deals! It’s kind of sad that Americans can get Canadian dollars
    for cheaper than Canadians can

  4. Silver Slacker says:

    Very nice adds, and your right that was a great price for the Noahs Ark

  5. MrMnmn911 says:

    Great price on the Noah’s Ark coins. They certainly are nice.

  6. geggs1 says:

    Very nice indeed Stack Master G. Can’t argue with those prices. Thanks for
    sharing your order with us.

  7. Silver Pug says:

    Love the look and sound of that Canadian junk silver…I need to add some
    of those to my stack! Thanks for sharing!

  8. of the earth says:

    The ebucks are a good way to get ahead of the premiums for a change. The
    Canadian coins are in great shape. 

  9. Metal4Detecting says:

    Nice additions to your stack . Here is a link to a site you can use to look
    up Canadian coins . The link is to the 65 silver dollar. There are a
    couple different things to look for on them . That might make one more
    valuable than the others . I hope it helps best wishes & Happy stackin

  10. SilverSekeer1 says:

    Nice nice ups master g! I like thise tubes. I like how you can see the
    coins thru the sides! Keep on stacking! 

  11. InFrontOfYourBack1 says:

    Dude..nice watch. You should do a vid on your collection. I’m a watch nut.

    Oh..nice adds too. 

  12. iamgogi says:

    Beautiful silver, well done G! Love the junk, no matter where it is from

  13. Madstacks says:

    Great additions to the stack:) The noahs ark Armenian coins are pretty damn
    nice for the low price. 

  14. MrOscarFive says:

    Gorgeous coins!

  15. Platinum Skies says:

    Nice coins I like the Canadian silver dollar coins

  16. capitalistpig10 says:

    Nice pickups! Nice to see the Panerai back on the screen, also glad the
    9ers won!

  17. 777demise says:

    Nice deal on those arks

  18. styllcantfeelmyface says:

    wish i could get ebay bucks here in canada!

  19. Steve AU/AG says:

    Great looking coins. 

  20. Stokjockey says:

    I like the Tubes………………..White Punks on Dope.

  21. Michigan Silver Hunter says:

    Nice pickups!

  22. Silver OnDuty says:

    love your videos! nice pick ups, i like those Canadian Dollars, might have
    to get me some. 🙂 keep it up with the videos, and stacking!!

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