Junk Silver Score and Some “Goldie” Fractionals, October 3, 2014 | Silver Unboxing

Junk Silver Score and Some “Goldie” Fractionals, October 3, 2014

In the last 7 days I picked up 0 face in junk quarters and 0 face in junk dimes, as well as 7 French Francs (Roosters, Lucky Angels, and a Napolean).

SD Bullion

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25 Responses to Junk Silver Score and Some “Goldie” Fractionals, October 3, 2014

  1. Silver Siren says:

    Are you buying online or in person? Junk silver seems to be cheap in some
    regions, pricey in others, regardless of the amount you are prepared to buy
    at once, I’m curious to know where you got that if you don’t mind sharing.
    Junk silver is great if you can find it cheap, and it’s good to know what
    to look for in case numismatic pieces have been overlooked (unlikely but it
    happens). We prefer junk silver designs that were only produced in silver,
    not Washington Quarters, Kennedy Halfs, or Roosevelt Dimes.

  2. Derek Sipila says:

    I love junk silver after that I like Eagles and if there is nothing else I
    will buy generic rounds.

  3. Dafarnakis says:

    nice score. Its all a matter of opinion. When you go to sell you will get a
    low premium with the junk but at the same time its cheap when you buy it.
    When I sold at one time I did the best with premium coins like Silver
    Eagles and Maple leaves.

  4. iamgogi says:

    Forgot to tell you, G…probably the cheapest silver you can get is…..war
    nickels! Sometimes I see them below melt on eBay. I do not have any myself,
    just not into them. Too junk even for me! I also do not have any 40% junk,
    I would rather save the storage room for 90%.

  5. ThesharpNshiny says:

    Wow stackmaster, that is a serious haul of 90%. I love 90%, thanks for the
    shoutout as well. Man when I see silver all laid out like that, it reminds
    me of the intro of the “duck-tales” cartoon when Mr. McDuck was swimming in
    his gold and silver coins LOL.
    Sweet ‘goldies’ too :)

  6. missfrasier1 says:

    Wonderful video your watch is nice also. I love silver too

  7. Jesse Silver says:

    Amazing deals! You must have a great LCS, i am jealous! 

  8. MrRedneckRock says:

    You’re talking my language…nice junk pick ups there, I love it…its the
    best…it rules!!!

  9. Silver Pug says:

    I love junk silver! you are becoming one of my favorite guys to watch on
    youtude…i like your style Sir, keep up the good work 🙂 And YES…you are
    indeed lucky with bullion deals!!

  10. Brian TheLog says:

    Damn thats a lot of junk in your trunk lol. Great pickups i love me some
    eisenhower coins if i can get them for the right price! Nice gold too!

  11. MrOscarFive says:

    Panerai Radiomir? Sweet! Blue Label? Yum! Try sipping on Lagavulin Single
    Malt when you get a chance, StyleMaster-StackMaster G. I love the gold. 

  12. Silver Cabin says:

    Wow All of this was a good deal. 90% silver dimes are my favorite. And you
    can’t go wrong with gold pieces unless you buy big clunky large pieces.
    Great buys in my opinion. This was a great haul.

  13. Leejack 27 says:

    Nice score! I like junk silver at a good price, it adds diversity to the
    collection and it’s currency. You don’t have to baby it and it sounds so
    good when you clank it around. LOL!

  14. iamgogi says:

    What a beautiful pile of silver…(salivating). Can’t go wrong with
    that…small denomination coins will always be useful! Perfect silver
    coins. I think Franklin halves are the best because they are good size for
    a normal hand and are unmistakable. Great “goldies” at great prices! I just
    bought another 20 franc with my ebay bucks, hoping to buy 10 more if they
    ever come down to $200 each. I feel we will see many more great deals
    before the bottom in price will be reached. Great PM deals are coming in
    hot and heavy now, but do not sell your bungalow or your beamer just yet.
    😉 Thanks for the video and the shout-out!

  15. Cull Silver says:

    Roosters and Angels are a beautiful coins. They are the only gold coins
    under .24 that I would purchase. With prices falling pretty much daily,
    the dealers are looking to move their stuff fast and deals abound! This is
    why I preach you dont have to buy buy buy all the time. Save and wait for
    a good time and I would call this one of those times! Congrats!

  16. Silver Goose says:

    I wasn’t into it but now I like it. Nice pick ups.

  17. weizenale says:

    I love 90% I bought $30.00 face value over the last month.

  18. Akeman says:

    Here you have the mintage for the “Lucky angel”:

  19. Seattle206723 says:

    Someone say Rooster? That’s a good Rooster but this I believe, is a
    Platinum Rooster 🙂 Nice Pickups the Math Makes Good Sense ma man..
    Alice in Chains – Here comes the Rooster

  20. Arto Alanenpää says:

    In Finland rooster is now 195€ and Napoleon price here is 191€ so that is
    something like 237 USD

  21. Silver Slacker says:

    Wow those 2 stacks of silver coins look great! Amazing deal on them to. I
    wish I had a LCS like that around me. 

  22. Matthew Swanson says:

    Junk and bars are the best.

  23. Staying Afloat says:

    Love it… I haven’t picked up any junk for a while. Think I’m gonna have
    to look for some. Nice Goldies too.

  24. obeast121 says:

    awesome!!! great vid. every time i go to pull the trigger on the
    constitutional silver i get the sweet sweet silver eagles instead

  25. absoluteaffluence says:

    Silver and Blue Label Scotch!! Gotta Love it!

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