ModernCoinMart Silver Unboxing | Silver Unboxing

ModernCoinMart Silver Unboxing

Modern Coin Mart Silver Unboxing

It’s really an unpackaging. But, having unboxing in the title gives the video more clout.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

SD Bullion

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25 Responses to ModernCoinMart Silver Unboxing

  1. silverfish VT says:

    Nice bar Salivate, I personally love the Geigers, and plan to get some at
    some point.

  2. 24K ArabiaFelix says:

    free silver is my favorite ;-)

  3. 1966Hemi426 says:

    Nice bar. I’m going to place an order soon to Scottsdale. I’m going to get
    a tube of their new rounds.

  4. SilverNauts says:

    Nothing like some free silver! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Brian TheLog says:

    Woot free silver! Salivate what the hell was that at the end of your video
    lol? Sounded like a circus!

  6. halfdollar1 says:

    Subsidized silver is always nice. I need to do some freelance computer

  7. TrailerJoeHere says:

    Love the voice best voice in silver community please check out my videos
    too thanks.and again good job.

  8. 1979timdog says:

    that’s a pretty nice looking bar! i noticed the funky sound effects at the
    end as well! at first i was thinking to myself, ok, what the hell is going
    on,lol !!!

  9. Silver Slacker says:

    Nice, I have been wanting to get some of their 10 oz bars. 

  10. dee silver says:

    Nice bar Salivate! 

  11. Philip Young says:

    A very nice tip for just doing your job sir ….

  12. Arnold Layne says:

    I think you’ve had too much metal in your mush from the sound of your voice

  13. CyberCurtainTwitcher says:

    You just reminded me that i have a gift card that i recieved for my
    Nice bar, funnily enough, i was just looking at some Geiger & Perth bars as
    a possible purchase.

  14. pgb twoofive says:

    if you have ‘rebate’ cards you can buy a gift card on amazon for an exact
    quantity of money that’s on the rebate card, then apply it to your order at
    checkout. this way nothing goes to waste.

  15. Kevin Grootaers says:

    That’s a beautiful silver bar.

  16. Steve AU/AG says:

    Great way to gain some silver. Got my first Geiger 10 oz. last week after
    watching your videos showcasing them recently. Love it. 

  17. mkw9999vr says:

    you always make me laugh “this plastic bag is very nice”

  18. Paul Maritz says:

    Nice touch at the end. :-)

  19. SilverTurtle65 says:

    Can’t go wrong with free.

  20. Something Golden says:

    Nice pickup. Bars, and Geiger bars seem to be the flavour of the month(s).

  21. silverflash says:

    Very cool little bar

  22. goldensilver says:

    Free silver is the best silver!!! Thanks for sharing

  23. Midas Mulligan says:

    Free bars are the best bars. 

  24. ispotsilver says:

    Nice! I like the ending chimes there, sounds like German coo-coo clocks or
    something. I have no bars but one day they will find their way to my
    collection, take care my friend!

  25. papermoney54 says:

    Nice pickup