A Good Size Bullion Unboxing | Silver Unboxing

A Good Size Bullion Unboxing

A Good Size Bullion Unboxing

Getting the April silver stacking off with a bang!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

SD Bullion

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25 Responses to A Good Size Bullion Unboxing

  1. Silver ByTheOz says:

    Awesome purchases! Always happy to see how large your stack is growing. I
    love the various items you buy to diversify it. Good going!!!

  2. rocky315w says:

    “Where’s the fun in that” best stacker line ever.

  3. 999silver Moto says:

    Your crazy to just handle that copper coin out of a air tight..your going
    to hurt the value of it Big Stack. Rookie move man. Those birds look nice,
    good pick up Mr McGee 

  4. Young Silver Stacks says:

    the Britannia’s are so cool! really want to get me a tube of those!

  5. silverfish VT says:

    Well, you arent lying, that is a nice purchase, and you are definitely
    starting April off with a bang. Very nice!

  6. lanceoa says:

    Nice BSM.. I want to play on game night!

  7. SalivateMetal says:

    A great start to the month Big Stack. Well done. I have yet to get a
    falcon. I hope to do so soon though. Thanks for sharing.

  8. TheM3Silver says:

    Very nice coins! I Need to get one of those :)

  9. ThesharpNshiny says:

    I dig lol. Awesome additions Bigstack. The British Lunar horse is a beauty

  10. geggs1 says:

    Very nice pick ups Bigstack. Real winners. Thx for sharing.

  11. DogSoldier1973 says:

    Awesome unboxing! Keep stacking BigStack ;)

  12. silverguy says:

    Love everything including the copper you picked up for negative $3.

  13. canadiansilvervein says:

    Very nice big, great additions

  14. nick540 says:

    Good pickups!

  15. papermoney54 says:

    really great pickups bro, keep stacking

  16. halfdollar1 says:

    Nice adds. Got me some ASE’s on the way from a sweet deal on JM Bullion
    last week. I also love the Zombuffs. Got some Barbers on the way. No
    real risk on Zombucks.

  17. Silver Siren says:

    Those were gleaming!

  18. Heavenly Prepper says:

    Kicking it in gear BSM. Nice looking silver.

  19. weizenale says:

    Man i only have one of the falcons had to check it out.I plan on adding
    some more when i can afford it.
    Nice additions

  20. mhandrews11 says:

    very nice big stack. AHHHH what a great feeling to have a full
    tube…….of anything!

  21. silverhair stacker says:

    Beautiful coins added to your stack! Thanks for showing! Good Luck and
    God Bless!

  22. silver head says:

    Great un boxing… How much are you up to? You always get silver that I
    don’t ever see. I feel like going out and buying more now. Thanks for

  23. iamgogi says:

    Excellent silver, bigstack. Thanks for sharing. What is the point of
    collecting if you can’t rub it with your fingers. Might as well buy SLV.

  24. PMRealWealth says:

    Nice pick ups. Agreed, great way to start April!

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