U.S. Mint Unboxing: 2014 Civil Rights Act of 1964 Proof Silver Dollar | Silver Unboxing

U.S. Mint Unboxing: 2014 Civil Rights Act of 1964 Proof Silver Dollar

U.S. Mint Unboxing: 2014 Civil Rights Act of 1964 Proof Silver Dollar

This unboxing is a little different as some discussion is outlined regarding the civil rights act and it’s history 100 years prior and the state of racial po…
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25 Responses to U.S. Mint Unboxing: 2014 Civil Rights Act of 1964 Proof Silver Dollar

  1. SalivateMetal says:

    Thanks Marcus! :)

  2. SalivateMetal says:

    Thank you Missfrasier! You’re the best!! 🙂 Hugs and God bless you!

  3. Youtubesurfer01 says:

    The meaning if coin the coin and Unboxing is just beautiful. 

  4. Numis Mm says:

    Unfortunately this coin has been overshadowed by the baseball coins and the
    upcoming Kennedy. The coin is gorgeous and does not have a large mintage
    in either state. I think that in a few years, this coin is going to be met
    with high demand and with its low mintages this year will significantly
    rise in price. I think that this is the FIRST unboxing that i have seen of
    it and the pictures the mint puts out doesnt do the coin justice. the
    strike is amazing. Net Net i think that this coin will hold its Numismatic
    value long term, because it represents true modern day history.

  5. Rodney Leon says:

    whys the dudes pants pulled up?

  6. MunkeySpaz says:

    +SalivateMetal I love the anything Egypt. The construction of the Pyramids
    and such as well as the Revolutionary period in the U.S. But overall
    History is something I always find fascinating and am always reading and
    trying to learn more. Im actually gonna be meeting Dr. Hawaas the
    Egyptologist from Egypt. He was/is the director of antiquity over there.
    What’s your favorite era?

  7. millyionnnn says:


  8. SilverHunter2013 says:

    Its a gorgeous commemorative with a nice history lesson. I am going to be
    picking one of these up soon but in my opinion the uncirculated version
    will do better in the long run as far as numismatic either way its a nice
    coin to add to any collection.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. dee silver says:

    Awesome presentation Salivate! 

  10. ThesharpNshiny says:

    Fantastic…the coin and the poem. I will surely acquire one. Any Idea the
    mintage for uncirculated and the proofs?

  11. MunkeySpaz says:

    I’m a bit of a history nerd. So this coin totally tickles my fancy. Awesome

  12. Intalecrek d says:

    Well Salivate! see what you made me do!….lol….I just went to the US
    mint and ordered mines! Hope the wait is not too long!

  13. Adam Pickard says:

    Very surprised you didn’t get the BU version. I think the mintages are way
    lower. Very nice coin either way. I also lucked into NGC’s top mover for
    feb. The 2006p Ben Franklin founding fathers for 51.00. Lists for 95.

  14. Intalecrek d says:

    The reading of Fredrick Douglass was superb Salivate! As a black man I
    agree with you about so called black leaders nowadays…who do set the
    African American community back! However, this coin is great! Thinking
    about picking up the NGC rated proof but I like it with the mint boxing

  15. thevendordude says:

    Congratulations on getting this coin! And thank you for the meaning behind
    the coin!

  16. Tom Blank says:

    I should get both tomorrow. 

  17. silverhair stacker says:

    1964 brings back many memories for me! As a boy of 8 years old I did not
    understand all the implications of the Civil Rights Act. Never the less, I
    did understand that the following school year I was able to attend school
    with my friends I had made in Bible School the previous summer!
    Integration of our schools was an important milestone in our town. Growing
    up in Texas was a blessing as well as challenging in those years! Thank
    you for your video as well as Miss Frasier’s earlier one! Good Luck and
    God Bless!


    Love the coin, thanks for sharing it

  19. Angel SilverFourtySeven says:

    Nice pickup broski… It is a shame it took them that long to make a coin
    like that. ;( better later than never 

  20. MrVegiita says:

    That is a very nice, very meaningful coin.

  21. signs2beware says:

    Wow,!! Very nice,..THANKZ for sharing…..’

  22. Brian TheLog says:

    This is a nice coin. I wont be picking this one up but you presentation of
    the coin shows its beauty! As always great stuff salivate!

  23. missfrasier1 says:

    I love you my brother from the bottom of my heart.

  24. Marcus Aurelius says:

    I would like to extend a multitude of gratitude for sharing your video with

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