Perth mint silver unboxing! | Silver Unboxing

Perth mint silver unboxing!

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  1. CoinLovers says:

    Lovely coins dude! I bought “year of the rabbit” but after looking at those
    beautiful year of Dragon and year of Horse coins I will be buying them too!
    thanx for sharing mate!

  2. MrMnmn911 says:

    nice 1/2 oz. collection. I think that’s a good price for the dragon.

  3. Dellrugby PM says:

    Nice pick ups! Liked and subbed… again….. Gootube keeps removing who I
    am subscribed to. Not sure why.

  4. MN Silver says:

    great job your collection is looking amazing the Australian half ounce
    coins look awesome all together I also have plenty of half ounce snakes if
    you are interested !!!

  5. geggs1 says:

    I love the lunars. If you complete the series you’ll get the premium back
    and more, if you have the whole set. Cheers.

  6. Bullion Tower says:

    Nice pickups! Those Perth mint coins are beautiful!

  7. TeenBritishBullion says:

    Hey mate nice vid I subcribed to u! Would appreciate if u could return the

  8. Triple9Silver says:


  9. CoinLovers says:

    beautiful coins

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