Silver Unboxing #33: JM Bullion | Silver Unboxing

Silver Unboxing #33: JM Bullion

Silver Unboxing #33: JM Bullion

I rarely buy from JM Bullion but they are trying to put better prices on their silver and also there is free shipping now. Thanks for Watching!!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

SD Bullion

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13 Responses to Silver Unboxing #33: JM Bullion

  1. Rob in GA says:

    The Englehard looks great

  2. LEVERA6E says:

    Nice pick ups! That atb raw is annoying

  3. SalivateMetal says:

    Some nice pickups there!!

  4. Silver shizz says:

    Same thing with me. Got a white mountain 5 oz ATB and was disappointed it
    didn’t come with a case. JM Bullion even but my lunar Britannia coin inside
    the plastic bag with the ATB. Luckily it didn’t scratch.

  5. silverguy says:

    Really nice thanks for sharing. 

  6. MrSauceboss88 says:

    JM Bullion hooks you in with very low prices, but their quality of their
    inventory is often bad and their customer service is non responsive and
    long shipping. I personally will not buy from them again

  7. silverhair stacker says:

    Very nice pickups! Thanks for sharing! Good Luck and God Bless!

  8. silverN gunz says:

    Nice pickups. I like that vinyl holder they came in. Pretty nice.

  9. Angel SilverFourtySeven says:

    Nice pickies…

  10. papermoney54 says:

    nice stuff, love the variety

    as far as the atb tuff goes, i dont have any but if i do, ill just boy one
    of the tubes for them, i dont really like having things in airtites, but
    thats just me

    keep stacking

  11. Gavin @lvares says:

    Bad that they did not case. But great deals

  12. Silver Mutant says:


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