Silver and gold unboxing from Gainesville coins. | Silver Unboxing

Silver and gold unboxing from Gainesville coins.

Silver and gold unboxing from Gainesville coins.

I unbox some silver and gold from Gainesville coins and ask for some tips on how to be more successful at this thing we call youtube.

SD Bullion

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17 Responses to Silver and gold unboxing from Gainesville coins.

  1. javier SR says:

    why do you purchases koalas? for something special?

  2. motokeen says:

    Thank you guys for your help and suggestions.

  3. CyberCurtainTwitcher says:

    Just dropped by & liked the vid, silver is my passion so i couldn’t really
    give an opinion as to whether the gold Koala’s will make a nice profit for
    you but i don’t think you can’t go far wrong with any Perth mint stuff.I
    think the 1 1/2 oz Polar bears will do well because of their unusual
    denomination.Watch as many vids as you can when the kids are in bed &
    you’ll pick up many great tips on what is popular & my tip is to buy
    anything that is a first issue in a series.

  4. Angel SilverFourtySeven says:

    Nice pickups bro…good luck on a bigger place also..

  5. motokeen says:

    Thanks Matt. I have a couple on the way. I should have a small order to
    share the beginning of next week.

  6. SilverTroy76 says:

    Hey Motokeen, try posting on other unboxing videos .. people may read your
    post and then check out your videos. I found you cause I was looking at
    another unboxing and it put your video up on the right side. Keep stacking
    .. Cheers

  7. motokeen says:

    I am trying to get a little but my silver takes a big hit just so I can
    order a littler gold.

  8. gapwedge11 says:

    Nice looking gold!

  9. silvermad1 says:

    some really nice stuff, I subbed…

  10. SilverTurtle65 says:

    Very cool. I need to start looking at buying some gold. I’m 98% in silver
    and need to look at gold to. Thanks for sharing.

  11. motokeen says:

    Thank you. I haven’t had much time or money to spare lately so haven’t been
    on youtube enough lately.

  12. Monty Burns says:

    nice pick ups motokeen … i been looking at those half gram coins but
    havent pounced on them yet … id reco the 1/10 lunar series as they seem
    to have a limited mintage and prolly have about the same premium … who
    knows tho … if gold skyrockets the half grams could become alot more
    popular , anyway nice vid thanks for sharing

  13. motokeen says:

    Thanks. I am dropping by your channel now.

  14. motokeen says:

    Thanks. After we get an new house which will probably be in the spring. I
    should be able to double down.

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