APMEX Unboxing of Another 10 Ounce Geiger Silver Bar | Silver Unboxing

APMEX Unboxing of Another 10 Ounce Geiger Silver Bar

APMEX Unboxing of Another 10 Ounce Geiger Silver Bar

I hope you enjoy this unboxing of another Gieger silver bar in the white box. I can’t seem to score a black box with APMEX.

SD Bullion

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25 Responses to APMEX Unboxing of Another 10 Ounce Geiger Silver Bar

  1. 1966Hemi426 says:

    Very nice brother. You can’t go wrong with Geiger bars. Love the 10 oz

  2. ThesharpNshiny says:

    Fantastic addition SM. Well, I don’t have one of those as of yet,

  3. halfdollar1 says:

    The Apmex black box eluded you once more. Better luck next time. BTW, cool
    bar. You should try salivated the bars one time:-P kidding, please do not

  4. papermoney54 says:

    nice addition salivate, love it, keep stacking

  5. Mrs. Silver Peacock says:

    I find it fascinating that there are silver components in the electronics
    of a Geiger Counter used to measure radiation. Just a random thought…
    Nice bar! Yeh!

  6. canadiansilvervein says:

    Nice pickup man, too bad about the infamous black box. Some day you will
    and might enjoy thts more then the silver you ordered. Cheers

  7. silverguy says:

    Always like it when people buy silver in the proper bar form
    SalivateMetal. Just kidding….mostly. How about a full stack video from
    you so we can all salivate? Your bar stack video is a collectors item for
    the bar stackers. 

  8. SilverCoin says:

    that is a beautiful looking bar. only two bars so far have tempted me to
    actually get a silver bar (being a coin guy exclusively), this one and the
    5oz prey bar. very nice

  9. 101platayoro says:

    Here is the deal…I have received 6 bbs aleady…just order something in a
    tube like a dozen rounds and they send the tube in a cut out sponge like
    liner in the vaunted bb.. They even have triple tube cut out sponges ..I
    have 2 of those… But hell I’ll trade all of em for just 1 of those
    geigers, deal? Lol

  10. Solomon El Dorado says:

    good looking bar there!

  11. 24k says:

    I got 5 of the APMEX black box in small and medium. I think the medium box
    is a proof!!!! I actually contacted the German mint to see if i can order
    them direct but they have a minimum limit of 5000Euro. 

  12. MunkeySpaz says:

    I totally dig these geigers. I’ve been looking at the smaller bars they
    offer. MCM has some nice ones at a decent price and always, free shipping!
    LoL Very cool stuff!

  13. dee silver says:

    I love these bars! It the perfect shape. I’d love it if they came with a
    chocolate counter part, because I see myself biting it if I had one myself.
    I don’t see myself being able to resist doing that at least once.

  14. Numismatic King says:

    Nice pick up but I noticed at the end of your video you said “double your
    money” you think these will go up in value that much? I might just have to
    pick up one of these bars myself : )

  15. Brian TheLog says:

    Great bar salivate! I have been looking into the smaller gieger products
    they look nice as well. Keep the silver coming man!

  16. MrMonkeySwag96 says:

    Hey Salivate, did you know that slabbed MS70 versions of the uncirculated
    5-Star General half dollars are listing for $2000+ on ebay, I find that to
    be crazy! Nice bar btw.

  17. Heavenly Prepper says:

    Love that bar – and I will be featuring one soon as well!

  18. silver_prince says:

    Hey, umm, huge fan. As promised, I just uploaded my first unboxing video.
    Feel free to check it out and critique it :)

  19. Zoran Allen says:

    That’s odd how you haven’t gotten a black box yet. I made an order of a 3
    oz bar (and that’s it!) and received it neatly wrapped in foam.

    I live in Louisiana, near Oklahoma, so maybe it’s where you live? Seems
    unfair, though, if that’s the reason.

  20. iamgogi says:

    Nice bar, salivate. I have seen wood boxes specially made to hold these
    bars on ebay sometimes.

  21. mkmstillstackin says:

    One of my favorites of all time! Congratulations Salivate!

  22. Scott Segal says:

    I picked up 2 of these bad boys after watching this video, Delivered
    yesterday from Apmex. Awesome bars! It would be incredible to have one of
    those wooden boxes filled with them, only who would keep that out and
    displayed in their house, except maybe a Bond villan?

  23. CyberCurtainTwitcher says:

    Great addition salivate, i still can’t believe Igor didn’t bring me back
    one from germany!

  24. Brad Wheeler says:

    Had the black box, but sent it back with my bad panda and they sent me the
    white bubble envelope, but yeah it was a very cool box…

  25. PMRealWealth says:

    One of my favorite bars.

    I have to agree with EBL with the black box. Every tube of bullion I
    receive the black box. Pretty much a guarantee. If you want a black box
    email me and I’ll ship one to you. I’m starting a collection under my