10oz Kookaburra and Our Change of Plans Overtime | Silver Unboxing

10oz Kookaburra and Our Change of Plans Overtime

Really happy to share with you guys my new 10 oz Kookaburra from the Australian Perth Mint. My friends also got their first silver coins and I will have a vi…

SD Bullion

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25 Responses to 10oz Kookaburra and Our Change of Plans Overtime

  1. ArgentAgent47 says:

    It was more of a rhetorical question.

  2. joe melvin says:

    Because, he is showing respect to the silver. He is probably handling other coins. It is just one of those things you do before touching silver. It’s sort of like walking toward your car with car keys; they just go together.

  3. HowToBuyGoldCoins says:


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  4. MisterSilverMonster says:

    Ahh a 10 oz kook is probably one of the best packages to open. I hope to get one soon. Thanks for sharing.

  5. CyberCurtainTwitcher says:

    I totally agree with you about price & fluctuation just being noise, If you look at the interest that you would get on savings in a bank, then i know which i would rather be saving! We also need to remember that if your savings are in a bank then the state knows exactly how much you have, but if you have it in physical then they don’t!
    My private pension has been going down & down, & i was going to get less out of it than i had put in, i froze it & now put that monthly money in silver.

  6. CyberCurtainTwitcher says:

    I wear gloves as well, because the oil from your hands can pick up dirt & scratch the capsule, & then you would have to take the coin out of the capsule to see it clearly!

  7. daniel james says:

    “hopefully it dips again, about the time that i want it”
    don’t we all.

  8. RevLiSdLloGmp says:

    wow…10 ouncer Kooka…that’s great! Love it…

  9. Silver KC says:

    Love my 10oz kook as well. Picked it up for 265 during the dip

  10. Irishsilverstack says:

    very nice, so thick!

  11. Shaolin811 says:

    plus i’m sure you see a good number of other silver stack youtubers who wear their white gloves as well when handling their silver when they are in their capsules.

  12. Shaolin811 says:

    I’ve mentioned it a couple times in my other videos. If you watched my older videos from when i first started, i noticed how ugly my hands are because of the callouses that develop from the gym. I mentioned in my first video when i first got my gloves its so u guys don’t see my ugly hands haha. Plus I feel it seems more “professional” too I really don’t care about the scratches or marks on the bullion personally. I hold my Silver eagles with my actual hands. They’re just bullion.

  13. ArgentAgent47 says:

    Unless you’re taking them out of the capsules, why are you wearing gloves….? Just curious.

  14. Shaolin811 says:

    Thanks ! 😀 my first BIG BIG coin next one is a KILO

  15. Jose Aparicio says:

    Very nice pick up bro…

  16. Shaolin811 says:

    I have over 120 oz of silver. I still love it the same.  It’s all about accumulating. I have gold s well. THey are both great. Its all about diversifying to me for now. Maybe I will learn later on and build other opinions about liking one over another.

  17. TheJwl333 says:

    I will, probably in about a month when my back ordered gold and silver comes in.

  18. gold maple says:

    I love gold. starting to hate silver because I have over 100 oz

  19. gold maple says:

    I do not like 10 oz and 5 oz coins. That’s just me. I like the 1 oz coins for silver and gold

  20. Shaolin811 says:

    dam ok…well then I can’t do anything about it.. But i think after the minimum processing days go by, you should file a report that they sold you what they don’t even have.

  21. hotneo7 says:

    FTC: Federal Trade Commission. BBB is like yelp, no enforcement- not even government. The FTC acts when there’s a class action suit against the company. The evidence has to be that they didn’t deliver at all.

  22. TheM3Silver says:

    Hey, you are like me. I stack silver and gold + I play cod. Haha hope you make a video about your stack 🙂

  23. TheJwl333 says:

    I save everything man, the only thing I spend my money on is lunch, and that is two dollars. I do have an allowance, and I save all of it, and put it in silver and occasional gold. I really really love stacking. I actually cashed in my 1.60 interest a year bond for silver when the dip happened, and got 32 ounces of silver, and 1/10 gold. Also, I do not have a job being that I am 14. I do chores, and receive currency (Dollar) for that. Looking forward to seeing the video on this topic 😀 Gracias!

  24. TheJwl333 says:

    Thanks for all the replies man, I really do appreciated it! Checking my email and seeing like six comments from you, is awesome! I love seeing your videos in my sub box, much less getting comments back too! I understand everything you are saying. I have put ample research into everything, probably about 20 days of actual hours of silver and gold. I’ll probably make a video on my stack, and you can see everything I have. Also, you may want to watch this video. watch?v=Y5lmM-60N4Y Thanks man 😀

  25. Hong Kang See says:

    Wonderful video once again and I must say I agree with when you said that gone are the days where you spend money on stupid stuff. It was a similar case of me, an epiphany of some sorts. I was spending money on things that doesn’t add any value to my life! Now before I spend, I tend to think in terms of Silver and ask myself if it’s worth it. Ended up being able to use a lot of the money for silver instead. Carry on making more videos!