Physical Gold & Silver with Andy Hoffman July 2013 | Silver Unboxing

Physical Gold & Silver with Andy Hoffman July 2013
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22 Responses to Physical Gold & Silver with Andy Hoffman July 2013

  1. HowToBuyGoldCoins says:

    Nice Video.

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  2. bigjohnnybful says:

    I would add a few more assets to the list, which is good by the way! #1 & 2 = Knowledge & Networking!  Quality seeds & food production. Not so precious metals like scrap metals, cars/trucks. Motorcycles should be a good investment given where gasoline could go in price, if one has the space to keep them. Fuels/oils. Useful machinery one could use to make money or barter services, such as rototiller, chainsaw, chop saw, table saw, backhoe, work truck, moving truck, etc. And…………GUNZ!

  3. Mike Mandela says:

    The Gold Standard is a lie;
    “It’s not what backs the money. It’s who controls it’s quantity.”
    Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman is known now as one of the most influential economists of the 20th century. Dr. Friedman praised the Monetary Reform Act and assisted in drafting it, with suggestions and constructive criticisms.
    Youtube –
    “The Gold Standard Debunked”
    “The Gold Solution is a Lie – Bill Still”
    “How Loans Control Politics – Bill Still”
    “Fort Knox – Bill Still”
    “The secret of Oz”

  4. DetroitLove4U says:

    If JP Morgan Chase is potentially becoming autonomous from Precious Metals Commodities ( though it is confusing if they are altogether or not ) will such action have a bullish impact for the metals as for many a months have I understood they have been a grand variable in the impact of manipulative efforts on the PM markets?

  5. gspotjazz says:

    Another misstatement by Hoffman. Jim’s meetings aren’t free–he charges a fifty dollar fee. I’m not saying it isn’t appropriate or unethical–just the fact that these things get twisted by your guest and other professionals in the metals business. It gets tiring.

  6. Paetaor says:

    This is so true. I have yet to hear a salesman say it’s a bad time to buy.

    The classic statement from car salesmen in commercials is ‘It’s never been a better time to buy!!’

  7. bodyheals says:

    Buy silver, I can’t but u can, crack the game

  8. bodyheals says:

    Zero points for claiming BBB status, people who are in business know it is a scam and racket. Not that this company had any complaints.

  9. PunjabiSikhRajput1 says:

    my indian housewife owns a lot of gold 🙂

  10. TWSkeptic says:

    I got the same feeling, not seen enough pain yet. This may indeed be a bull trap. I think we will need to see many juniors go bankrupt before this sector becomes healthy again.

  11. stealinator says:

    All bottom pickers come away with stinky fingers…..Im of the thought that their was not enough pain , metals to come down more. Took profit on most my miners, …..if not, will buy back in on strength. It aint their now..

  12. Jew bastard says:

    I’d like to know who is going to be un done? The un doing of what?

  13. zaxus211 says:

    is he talking about santa fe gold?

  14. Motoicon says:

    Great interview- Everyone ignores what is happening to the miners and how that will lead to shortages in the future and considering how tiny the silver market is….And yes, I own rentals, stocks and silver, but my bet is on physical silver crushing all investments in 5 years

  15. fasteddie2013 says:

    Ranting Andy Hoffman

  16. FutureMoneyTrends says:

    okay will see about that for you. can you go on our site and send us an email?

  17. ConfusedInvestor says:

    Beware of salesmen giving out free investment advice. This applies to metals salesmen and equities salesmen. People wrongly swing to one investment extreme and end up losing a lot of money most of the time.

    A good strategy is to hold cash, stocks, fixed income assets, real estate rentals, and precious metals. The ratio would depend on what the economy is doing and the projected trend.

    Spend some time and effort on financial education and use your common sense. That way you won’t be duped.

  18. RAMKING61 says:

    The G20 Summit is to be held in St Petersberg, Russia, on September 5-6, 2013…starring the BRICS Finance ministers.

  19. MrTrangen1 says:

    Right, these two guys are blowing smoke up their own asses, the market is the Fed. to give impression that Dollar has more value than metals. Managed it very well? WTF are you smoking, and your not sharing the smoke either.

  20. slhines7 says:

    Neither one of you, especiall Ranting Andy knows jack squat when it comes the so called “precious metal” prices at all, mainly since these and all “markets” are all f’n RIGGED! StormCloudsGathering from boobtube put out a much more accurate depiction as to what truly is and actually going on with all of these so called “markets”.

  21. jahnman420 says:

    Cartel? U sound like sgt bullshit!…no thanks!

  22. davidperez6 says:

    Spanish Translations Please!

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