Gold and Silver Market in Bangkok, Thailand | Silver Unboxing

Gold and Silver Market in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, especially China Town Bangkok, offers a wide variety of gold dealers who buy and sell gold jewlery and gold bullion. Also, “99 Golds” precious metal…

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17 Responses to Gold and Silver Market in Bangkok, Thailand

  1. Igor Skulyar says:

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  2. Malang Sob says:

    wow…my Thai wife thinks im nuts for buying silver…I guess i know why now…apparently there is ONE guy in BKK that deals in it…hahaha!
    Oh well, the Indians are getting into the silver maybe the Thai will follow…I wont hold my breath though.

  3. 511porkchop says:

    The Place To Buy Gold & Silver: Aydincoins, Great Price’s, Reward Points Program, Free Shipping, Silver Specials.
    Also: ModernCoinMart (MCM) Great Price’s, Free Shipping
    Google Them For Their Web Page
    I’ve Been Buying From Both. Received Coins In 3-5 Days

  4. jaquez meov says:

    Scott. Great video! where is this shop located? I bringing 30 bars of silver to sell.

  5. jappie hopeloos says:

    Nice video! I doubt however that the silver you got is of 99.99% purity considering the basic equipment that was shown in the video. Refining up to that level is not so easy. Did you ever try to sell something back to this shop? And if so, how much would you lose if you would buy and immediately sell back let’s say 1 kilo of shot?

  6. Scott Wilhelmsen says:

    the premium for gold is 100 baht per 1/2 ounce, that’s only 3 dollars! and I buy silver at the spot buy price, no premiums, there’s a buy and sell price and that’s what I get. If you ask a thai about premiums, they will say what premiums, there are no premiums, just a buy and sell price. Primiums on jewelry of course, but that’s for the manufacturing time and cost.

  7. Scott Wilhelmsen says:

    I get 99.99% silver for spot price, good luck getting spot price in the US. Just sayin.

  8. Scott Wilhelmsen says:

    they sell bars too, but for an extra 500 baht for 1/2 kilo bars… I have a bunch of bars now, and decided I don’t mind paying less for shot… You have to be careful and not spill it, other than that it’s all the same.

  9. whittle4u says:

    Well, I see where most of the gold is.

  10. dowhatuwill says:

    Chinatown has very crowded and narrow streets and yet I noticed there that the Thais will never bump into you. No matter what, they always seem to respect your space.Gotta love that!

  11. dowhatuwill says:

    Awesome video. Interesting and helpful at the same time.Thanks so much for posting.
    I went to Chinatown recently and bought some gold there for around 350 baht over the gold price per item. Since 22K is 96.5% pure , do they discount you the 3.5% that’s not gold or is that calculated into their displayed 24,000 (or whatever) Baht weight price?
    Never knew where you could buy silver. How much over spot did you pay?

  12. johnb41984 says:

    Do you have to buy silver shot there or do they sell coins and bars too?

  13. David DeRoche says:

    Whats the point in going there? Did you get some good buys compared to US dollar? Explain?

  14. snuffmigruff says:

    Great video, I travel to phuket every couple of years and bangkok occasionally but the pollution there gets to me. Based on world spot prices, what % of premiums do you pay for gold and for silver bullion. What percentage of loss do you take when selling?

  15. Scott Wilhelmsen says:

    The mark up for jewelry is not much at all. For example, this small necklace we bought for about 15 dollars more than it’s melt price. So basically we spent 95 dollars on a necklace which is worth about 80 USD for melt price. I assume the heavier necklaces are even less % mark up, however I have no experience buying jewelry, I invest in bullion.

  16. TheCristo68 says:

    hey Scott , great video it was really interesting to see the gold and silver buying and selling process in bangkok . Could you tell me in percentage how much over spot price is gold jewelry sold . How much of a mark-up do they generaly sell

  17. Trillion Dollar Silver says:

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