[HD] 1 oz Silver Bullion Scottsdale “One” Bar | Silver Unboxing

[HD] 1 oz Silver Bullion Scottsdale “One” Bar

[HD] 1 oz Silver Bullion Scottsdale

1 oz Silver Bullion Scottsdale “One” Bar Composition: .999 Fine Silver.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

SD Bullion

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10 Responses to [HD] 1 oz Silver Bullion Scottsdale “One” Bar

  1. gold maple says:

    I love the Prey 5 oz bars made by Scottsdale. I am going to buy some myself and add to my stack.

  2. gold maple says:

    I did not know there were counterfeiting issues with sunshine minting. Looks like you really know your silver bars and are upto date with everything. I guess I have to get some new Scottsdale bars and add them to my collection like you did. Looking for more silver videos from you, Bullionview.

  3. Bullionview says:

    Sunshine Minting are one of the most counterfeited ones on our side of the pond, scottsdale much more rarely. I like Scottsdale’s new bars with security measures in place. When I get some I will definitely post a video

  4. Bullionview says:

    They do make really nice bars, got to aquire some Prey 5 oz bars too 😉

  5. gold maple says:

    Bullionview, I like your Scottsdale silver bars but you should also get some 1oz Sunshine Minting Bars. They are really cool Get some 5 oz and 10 oz silver bars, if you are buying more silver. They feel thicker in your hand and you feel that you are holding real silver in your hand, compared to the 1oz. Make sure you also get some hand-poured silver bars too, as they have an antique or old feel to them.

  6. gold maple says:

    The unique certificate number must be stamped directly on each silver bar, so if it was every stolen, it could be traced. Tha

  7. gold maple says:

    I am surprised that each 1 oz bar does not have a unique certificate number stamped on it, like Johnsson-matthey and pamp suisse. This would make Scottsdale bars very easy to counterfeit and if your silver bars were stolen, it would also be hard to trace them. In my personal opinion, I think I prefer Johnson-matthey, and pamp suisse silver bars to scottsdale silver bars anyday. They are very beautiful on the back and front and they also have a unique certificate number, that identifies each bar

  8. Silver Stack says:

    after pamp suisse one oz bars these have to next most expensive one oz bars out der

  9. greg williams says:

    I love the scottsdale stuff – very nice thanks 🙂

  10. rocky315w says:

    reasonable beautiful silver

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