1oz Johnson Matthey..is it fake or real? | Silver Unboxing

1oz Johnson Matthey..is it fake or real?

Can you tell me if this 1oz Johnson Matthey silver bar is fake or real? I got it from ebay…

SD Bullion

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25 Responses to 1oz Johnson Matthey..is it fake or real?

  1. Bob Builder says:


  2. grg3d says:

    Hi Magnet test(see if it sticks or slides down real slow while holding the bar as close to 45 degrees use a rare earth magnet), weight it (31.1 grams) and if your still not sure bring it to a coin shop and have them do an acid test….oh and I buy from E-bay all the time just look at their feedback and try to stick with reputable dealers…if you can usually I tend to stick with sellers that have 500 plus positive feedback

  3. firefox666moll says:

    The bag is fake.

  4. EpicRV says:

    Nice just picked up a 10oz JM bar myself — love it!

  5. la19881 says:

    It’s real. Why did you think it wasn’t? Weigh it, it’s 31.1

  6. la19881 says:

    You’re an idiot. These bars are from JM. All the new JM bars have an A in the beginning of the serial #. They are going anywhere from $6-$10 over spot on ebay.

  7. pof1991 says:

    my bars are the real deal and have ao serial numbers so take that with a pinch of salt

  8. pof1991 says:

    think its a good one use a magnet and check also weigh it again

  9. hulurocker says:

    could always look up the serial number

  10. Jeremy Farrance says:

    Looks real to me. Having said that I still wouldn’t buy off eBay.

  11. Bullion Bill says:

    Judging by the sound of your bag test i’d say without a doubt it is real

  12. Hoepsakee says:

    Try holding it to a paper handkerchief. If it’s silver it should shop up whitethrhough the handkerchief. Is the weight correct btw? Held a magnet against it? Hope it turns out ok.

  13. MohammadX101 says:

    if it’s from JM then why are they minting only the 1 oz bars and nothing else? I THINK IT’S FROM THE SAME PEOPLE MINting 1 oz clad/ fake/plated/copy/…on the ebay these have numbers strting with ‘A’ which could be for Alloy. there are older bars starting with ‘A’ too but not this one. right now I’d pay $.99 / free shipping for paperweight

  14. jongkongmas says:

    no I’m not..Its a lot of movies out there..lol michcool I forgive you for admitting your wrong doings…next time be a good boy! lol lol lol!!!

  15. michcool1012 says:

    I’m not insulting you personally, its a quote from a famous movie I take you havent seen… Pulp Fiction?

  16. jongkongmas says:


  17. xRootsx200 says:

    what??? lol

  18. michcool1012 says:



    Honsetly I do not know. I would hope that it is real , but I am no expert on the sounds. I just enjoy banging my bullion with spoons lol. I guess the only way to tell would be to do a proper test on it.

  20. jongkongmas says:

    sorry for that..But I hate listening to myself..

  21. dontmesswithsqacky says:

    i mean talk, communicate, not writing.

  22. jongkongmas says:

    so what am I speaking right now? duh…

  23. dontmesswithsqacky says:

    can you speak english?

  24. jongkongmas says:

    yup..maybe my finger is too soft..lol

  25. Terakasi says:

    Sounds real in the bag but on your finger it sounded kinda dull. I just bought a few Johnson Matthey 1 oz bars from Provident. If my ping tests sound different I will drop you a line.

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