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2013 Silver Chinese Panda Coin

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  1. Tony Le says:

    That is a really nice coin!

  2. MrGoldseeker82 says:

    Hi, realy sweet coin, i did pick up 60 of them at 2013-04-15, when the massive dip was.and i did buy them before they raise the premium on them. i got them for $28,40 each. i will recive them in 3-4 days. nice video keep stacking.

  3. clearasvodka says:

    Great deal. If I were you I would stack as many at that price as possible. You won’t regret it! =))

  4. TheCoinKeeper says:

    Just picked up some 1 oz silver pandas for 32.60 each.

  5. hotneo7 says:

    8 million mintage is still less than 1% of China and even less of the worldwide demand. lol
    Most bullion online dealers are sold out of past years. The later years are unlikely to be restock because of limited mintage and strong hands. The highest premium among silver bullion from a mint is paid off in less than a year. The 1994 Maple of 1ozt is still under $40 while the 1994 Panda of 1ozt is almost $300. Even though Maples have the four 9s and Pandas three 9s fineness, Pandas have good ROI.

  6. rocky315w says:

    I ordered a few but the fact that i also ordered eagles is holding the order up but sure they will be here soon. I only ordered 5 because of the giant mintage as well as the doubling of the kooks in the last year and thripple from 2 years ago. They are getting way to common. But one of the nicest coins out there. Many thanks great video.

  7. iDIMi says:

    That’s a steal! Good Hunting!

  8. p154831 says:

    $47 each free shipping :)… would have been 45.5 if i sent it has a paypal “gift payment”.

  9. iDIMi says:

    Probably, between $60-$80. If you got em for less than that, your a boss!

  10. p154831 says:

    just bought some 2007s.. how much would you pay for those? then Ill get back to you and say price i paid

  11. clearasvodka says:

    Oh yeah? Take a look at the prices for panda coins on APMEX. Notice how most every year sells for a higher amount than other government issued coins. Premiums are high? Yes, but like I have said many many times – you realize those premiums when you sell the coins. I have many panda coins that I bought back in the day for 150 RMB/$22. Those same coins are now selling for $100 a pop. That is a handsome return on investment. Same goes for gold pandas…

  12. iDIMi says:

    Agreed, I was looking at that earlier. What are you buying?

  13. p154831 says:

    yes, take a look at ebay prices on the 2011 and 2012. no change really. even the 2010 is somewhat low price.

  14. 31u says:

    Great coins..hard to find Pandas and Maple leafs on the streets at FLEA MARKETS these days.

  15. iDIMi says:

    Think so? hmmmm

  16. rocky315w says:

    didn’t know they made the 1/20 th that year also. Yea I never even brows thier coins when i go to APMEX with all the time I’m sitting here I guess i should, but still waiting apparently at least one more week for my three orders. Got my fingers crossed that the flea market will produce some goods this weekend and get my 50 centers tomorrow, so will have a video if they come in.

  17. rocky315w says:

    like the pandas but as you said they are making way to many. But they used to come in nice little draw stringcloth bags, Now you get an airtight if your lucky. thanks nice show.

  18. rocky315w says:

    the purchase was in the 90,s same day i got 6 rolls of quarters for $40 and thought that was high, that was $40 a piece.

  19. rocky315w says:

    Hey Pharaoh give the embassy a call sure they can get you one in a box. One f the few gold things I bought along the way was a 1986, 1 oz panda, 1/2 oz panda 1/4 oz panda, the guy said i missed the 1’10th oz by a few minutes. I couldn’t believe the guy would break up the set. have no idea if they have increased in vlaue since, would you know. thanks your loyal subjst Rocky

  20. clearasvodka says:

    Variety is the spice of life. =)

  21. iDIMi says:

    Yeah, I’m honesty thinking about just doing P&P (Perth & Pandas) this year. Last year was Eagles. They get old…fast.

  22. videodude123XYZ says:

    Has anyone bought Peter Anthony’s book? I have an interest in earlier panda coins but his book is a little pricey. His site is pandacollector if anyone’s interested. Would be nice to hear from someone who has the book and can validate its hefty price.

  23. Adam Rutter says:

    There pretty and look good but cost too much and is a waste for the silver

  24. p154831 says:

    Don’t bother with 2011-2013 pandas. The premium is not worth it since the mintage is so high now.

  25. clearasvodka says:

    Yeah, good idea. Now is the time to chase after older panda coins. The mintages on the older ones were extremely low & will generate a nice investment going forward. The program started in 1982 – 4 years before the American Eagle program.

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