Vid #22 Bullion Unboxing 7.5 oz Silver and 1/2 oz Gold from Silver Gold Bull | Silver Unboxing

Vid #22 Bullion Unboxing 7.5 oz Silver and 1/2 oz Gold from Silver Gold Bull

Vids Vids Vids…. More unboxing from the past month or so…. slowly catching up! In this SilverGoldBull unboxing: 2012 1 oz silver Austrian Philharmonics S…

SD Bullion

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22 Responses to Vid #22 Bullion Unboxing 7.5 oz Silver and 1/2 oz Gold from Silver Gold Bull

  1. kavcicsimon says:

    why do you wear gloves ? does it devalue the coin if it has finger prints on it? and if you get finger prints on it how can you clean it?

  2. mooddog07 says:

    they charge to much for there gold

  3. greatwhitenorthvids says:

    No need to apologize Rocky – thanks for the comments on the video!

  4. rocky315w says:

    sorry i misunderstood. thanks for the reply.

  5. greatwhitenorthvids says:

    Hey Rocky – Yeah – I was just using the Philharmonic as a size reference for people who may have one of those as I imagine they are more common than the gold maples (of any weight).

  6. nick540 says:

    Will do, is it uploading now?

  7. rocky315w says:

    the specific gravity of gold is 19,3 that of silver is 10.4 so gold is nearly twice as heavy as silver of a similar demension.

  8. greatwhitenorthvids says:

    Hi nick540 – check out my next vid 😉

  9. nick540 says:

    Yeah same thing happened to me. Would it be possible to do a video comparing the 1/2ounce gold maple and the 1 ounce maple to see the size difference? I have not been able to see any videos with that comparison and will help me a lot make a decision on which to get. Many thanks.

  10. greatwhitenorthvids says:

    Yeah – I see they are now available – too bad I hadn’t noticed earlier – I would have added a couple to an order I just placed – oh well – next time 😉

  11. nick540 says:

    Great video. SGB now sells air tires for the 1.5 oz coin so you can add it to your next order.

  12. silvergoldbull says:

    Hello WHMmetals, unfortunately we do not offer cheaper shipping options, unless orders are over CA$2499 (half shipping price) or free shipping on orders over CA$4999. You might consider participating in one of our contests, so if you win that might help you place an order with us. : ) Thanks

  13. EpicRV says:

    that’s really good to hear…..i really like gainsville but ill probably order from silvergoldbull at some point.

  14. WHMmetals says:

    Ahhh I just found em, unfortunately it’s $25 to ship 2 of those little buggers to the U.S. Is there any way you could ship them cheaper as they are so little?

  15. greatwhitenorthvids says:

    I sent them an email about it right after I made this video and they gave me enough of a credit on my next order to keep me happy! I wish more businesses would realize that a small gesture like that goes a long way to help build repeat business.

  16. EpicRV says:

    Great pick ups! Heard nothing but great things about silvergoldbull — unfortunate to hear about the smudge on your polar bear.

  17. papermoney54 says:

    i just on silvergoldbull, if you buy a 1.5 oz polar, theres an option to add an airtite for like $1.24

  18. silvergoldbull says:

    Hello WHMmetals, we started selling air-tite cases for 1.5oz Polar Bear Silver coins, you can order them separately now. You can find these under Extras section on our website. It is a 54 mm Air-tite case. Thanks

  19. beachbumsocal says:

    I like Johnson Matthey and Engelhard bars. Nice choices! I really like the Polar Bears and gold Maples. Keep stacking!

  20. TheM3Silver says:

    I love your unboxing videos you allways buy some really nice coins 🙂

  21. WHMmetals says:

    Another awesome video! I love watching your unboxing videos, they help me make it through dry spells when I cant afford to buy. Curious if you ever found an air tite for the polar bear, I have two in sleeves and would love to better protect them.

  22. greg williams says:

    All very nice – i think its strange that they would make a 1 1/2 oz coin – loved the 1/2oz goldie, bigger thank i thought it would be – cheers thanks for posting 🙂

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