Vid #1 Bullion Unboxing 33 oz Silver and 1/10 oz Gold from Silver Gold Bull | Silver Unboxing

Vid #1 Bullion Unboxing 33 oz Silver and 1/10 oz Gold from Silver Gold Bull

A quick unboxing vid of my latest bullion order from – some really nice coins this time around including: 5oz Fiji Taku Tube +1 2013 Canad…
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SD Bullion

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8 Responses to Vid #1 Bullion Unboxing 33 oz Silver and 1/10 oz Gold from Silver Gold Bull

  1. SilverCoinMan says:

    You should check your facts before posting, PMH went bankrupt, they took money for orders and never delivered the packages, and they did it for a month before going bankrupt, there is a forum with people sharing their experiences about this company, and most likely those guys will never get their money back, so much about PMH. And I have seen your insulting videos about SGB that got deleted, and you were deleting all positive comments, so credibility of your statements is very low, if not zero.

  2. greatwhitenorthvids says:

    Thanks for watching it!

  3. joshua ralston says:

    Great video .Sweet coins

  4. greatwhitenorthvids says:

    The site has been down since Feb 15. Whatever the cause of their outage there are a lot of customers that were left in the dark. If their only troubles were updating their prices why did they pull all their social media pages at the same time as their web site – seems like that would be the perfect conduit to let people know what is going on.

    Check out the comments on my vid # 19 – alot of unhappy and unsure customers… This is NOT a company I am comfortable doing business with.

  5. greatwhitenorthvids says:

    I have ordered many hundreds of ounces (both gold and silver) from SGB and I have been happy with basically all the bullion I have received (with 1 small exception which they rectified immediately)

    As for PMH see my other vids with my complaints with my 1 and only order. The worst coins I have received were from PMH – let alone the fact they have been offline for over a week at this point – including FB, twitter, etc – all down! Doubt they will see any of my business in the future.

  6. Photo314159 says:

    Takus are awesome! I still don’t have one. 🙁

  7. tommy r says:

    congrats! can’t wait to post my unboxing video! nice order! gotta love that packaging!

  8. albanianprince1989 says:

    Great vid keep stacking!