Silver unboxing (very unique coin) | Silver Unboxing

Silver unboxing (very unique coin)

Unboxing some silver from Silver Gold Bull. This shipment came in two days via expresspost and was purchased with my first $ from youtube. Thanks for the sup…
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SD Bullion

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25 Responses to Silver unboxing (very unique coin)

  1. Alejandro Cordero says:

    If a coin is one ounce, how much does it way

  2. nick540 says:

    Yeah OMH takes a LONG time to ship and SGB is very FAST

  3. Kaynos says:

    Precious Metal House i ordered a tube of maple leaf and it took them 2 weeks for them to ship. Silver Gold Bull order the same, was shipped the next day. So wondering why i only buy from SGB from now on ?

  4. nick540 says:

    Thank you I appreciate it!

  5. 27nlittleman says:

    i meant to say earned not deserved haha

  6. 27nlittleman says:

    congrats nick on ur first youtube check u definetly deserve it!

  7. nick540 says:

    Yes they are much slower but I do like their selection. Although recently much has been out of stock on their site. Keep stacking my friend!

  8. auag4me says:

    thanx so much yes will do a vid one day btw i order from PMH also more selection but slow service thnx nick

  9. nick540 says:

    yeah they are super fast. Did you do a video on the coins? I really like the thickness and design.

  10. auag4me says:

    nice coin indeed btw i ordered 2 of those polar bears from SGB also last week and got them 3 days later super service

  11. nick540 says:

    yes, the premium is very high on this coin. I just could not resist. I am a sucker for those unique sizes.

  12. gjcoins says:

    i love the coin , i buy alot of different silver myself , lately i have not though , as money is hard to come by , great coins really like the 1.5 ounce the most but can not afford one myself , the premium is high

  13. nick540 says:

    Thank you!

  14. faranginlove says:

    Great video sir!

  15. faranginlove says:

    I always take my silver out to handle them regardless. I took my Kookaburras out. Silver is silver.

  16. nick540 says:

    glad they are going to make them. They are such nice coins they really need protection.

  17. tommy r says:

    yeah i called them to ask about the air tights. They said due to the thickness they have to get them specially ordered, so I am expecting them soon. I know i want my polar in air tights!

  18. nick540 says:

    I agree in a capsule would have been nice. I cant find anything for that size yet. Thanks for the comment!

  19. nick540 says:

    Yeah they are super nice. You wont be disappointed.

  20. silverfish VT says:

    That polar bear is really cool, they should send it out in a capsule however, as I dont know if they normally sell airtites in that size. Very cool video, thanks for sharing!

  21. lanceoa says:

    Dang, I just saw the Polar Bear the other day and they were out. Great pickup! I’ll be picking that up soon!

  22. iRentMySniper says:

    of course man! i just like the mix between tech and metals you make good quality vides with great detail and info!

  23. nick540 says:

    Thanks buddy! I appreciate the support.

  24. nick540 says:

    Thank you! I am glad you still like my videos. You were one of my first supporters so I appreciate it. I will try and post more, Thanks for the camera tips!

  25. nick540 says:

    thank you! The polar bear coin is very nice.

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