Silver Gold Bull… unboxing? Re-unboxing. | Silver Unboxing

Silver Gold Bull… unboxing? Re-unboxing.

11 Responses to Silver Gold Bull… unboxing? Re-unboxing.

  1. lanceoa says:

    cool vid.. like the polar bear.. I’m scrabbling to get more of those! subbed back, thanks!

  2. hellachella1979 says:

    Thanks, and I might! Our collection is pretty rinkydink, though. Nothing to get terribly excited about. I did, however, find THREE Canadian 80% dimes just sitting in my change jar the other day- so that was exciting for me. Now I have three 80% dimes too… that I know about… *sad trombone music*.

    I blame kids and their insistence on having groceries all the time.

  3. CDNcatskinner says:

    i had no idea about the 1.5 oz polar bears, very cool

  4. hellachella1979 says:

    They are very royal jowls.

  5. hellachella1979 says:

    And they have more liquid spending money than anyone I know. They buy nothing but crap, constantly- and everyone just shrugs it off.

    I wish I had some of the cashflow I had as a teenager with no expenses. Man!

    Lucky for me, he is interested, so it isn’t a fight.

  6. silverstorming says:

    good mom…. most kids know nothing about true value, and sadly that ignorance follows most to the grave

  7. Kesef Silver says:

    Good eye on the Queen, the jowls, awesome.

  8. hellachella1979 says:

    Well all I know is that one day Prince Charlie is going to have his cheesy mug on these coins. I hope it doesn’t lower their value.

  9. silverjunky999 says:

    never noticed that , young queen on 89 Canadian maples, then switch to old queen. but I haven’t compared the Australian, I assumed they were the same.. cheers

  10. hellachella1979 says:

    Haha, could be. I think that maybe we Canadians err on the side of being more polite. We’ll just pretend that there are no jowls.

  11. silverfuturist says:

    Good catch! I never looked that closely at Elizabeth’s faces on the Canadian vs Australian silver coins. Perhaps the age of Elizabeth is different on each coin?