First Silver Order from Toronto Gold Bullion – Unboxing | Silver Unboxing

First Silver Order from Toronto Gold Bullion – Unboxing

First Silver Order from Toronto Gold Bullion - Unboxing

The first silver order I received – figured I would make an unboxing video since I have enjoyed the ones from other Youtubers. Picked up in person from Toron…
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17 Responses to First Silver Order from Toronto Gold Bullion – Unboxing

  1. koalabear72 says:

    @gsd767 from TGB?

  2. gsd767 says:

    Iv bin looking to get the jm silver bars but they are all layered not real silver

  3. Asic ON says:

    just an update: Toronto Gold Bullion sent the tube of 20 coins to me, so I ended getting 1 free silver eagle out of this.

  4. Asic ON says:

    I ordered American Silver Eagle Tube (20 coins) from torontogoldbullion over the internet, 19 days later I get 1 coin in the mail. They apologized for the mix up & said they would send the tube. I doubt I’ll do business with these people again it’s a big screw up to send 1 coin instead of 20.

  5. Nick A says:

    koalabear72 How long did you wait after placing your order to go and pick it up?
    I went down and was told that I can’t have it and that I would have to come back.
    I called to find out when I could pick it up only to get some attitude and hung up on abruptly. I wanted to try these guys out before making a large purchase but I don’t think I will be after this.

  6. RevLiSdLloGmp says:

    I also order odd numbers…but smaller amounts like 3’s 7’s & 9’s….I Don’t mind….
    hahah….That was a Big Purchase…

  7. TheBudgetStacker says:

    well done koalabear interesting silver items i really hope you get your money back or silver from the other firm thats gone pear shaped
    i have subbed you and thanks for showing your stack

  8. Castorios says:

    It came back… ouf… That PMH situation got me paranoid.

  9. Castorios says:

    I just tried accessing their web-site… I can’t connect to their server… strange.

  10. SilverCoinNews says:

    I was just at Toronto Gold Bullion a few days ago!

  11. Chubearishere says:

    Damn! That PMH situation is really messed up! It’s amazing how you seem to be taking it in stride cause I would have lost my shit if I was in that scenario. Hope for the best for you guys. I was about to pull the trigger on something large over here at Provident but when I heard about PHM it scared living hell out of me. Prices are superb but don’t know if I’ll want to gamble large just to save a couple 100 bucks

  12. lanceoa says:

    A serious first unboxing! Nice work, keep it up!

  13. mcrfuse says:

    you don’t keep good care of your silver. it breaks my heart

  14. greatwhitenorthvids says:

    Thanks for the vid – really sorry to hear about your PMH loss. I just missed out on a large loss myself by a month or two. Sub’d

  15. nick540 says:

    Great pickups. I am about to move to Toronto so thanks for giving me the information on this place. Are there others in Toronto you could recommend?

  16. canadiansilvervein says:

    Nice silver town bar man, love it. I’m in the same boat with pmh fun fun…

  17. Tonic Lime says:

    Nice additions! Bummer about the whole PMH stuff. That would suck.

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