Unboxing: Gold Eagle Coin Pamp Bar Silver Panda 2013 | Silver Unboxing

Unboxing: Gold Eagle Coin Pamp Bar Silver Panda 2013

Well, I’m back with another precious metals unboxing for you. I’m adding to my retirement fund while trying to protect my money from inflation or hyperinflat…
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25 Responses to Unboxing: Gold Eagle Coin Pamp Bar Silver Panda 2013

  1. Photo314159 says:

    Yeah, it’s a pretty metal. I guess which is why it’s been so coveted for all time.

  2. b5clubber says:

    Beautiful gold eagle. Gold might be much higher than silver but fractional is a great way to go. Gold in any size is gorgeous

  3. swansea007791 says:

    Oops, said panda twice, I meant 1/4 gold Philharmonic

  4. swansea007791 says:

    Im waiting for 2 full sovereigns, 1/4 gold eagle, 1/4 krugerand, 1/4 gold panda & 1/4 panda. They are all 22mm so will all fit in my air-tites. 1/4 maple is 20mm so would fit properly so didn’t get one of those :-(. Can’t wait for delivery.

  5. Photo314159 says:

    Yeah because we can’t afford full ounces, lol. 

  6. gldslvdon says:

    i like that quarter eagle, fractional gold is the way to go these days!

  7. Photo314159 says:

    Yeah, we can only look forward I guess. I am getting some gold now, because in Zimbabwe and other hyperinflation economies they only accept gold now. It’s probably not a bad thing to have. Plus if you’ve got to carry it somewhere it’s much lighter for its’ value. 😀

  8. hotneo7 says:

    Every time I see gold it reminds how asleep I was for the last decade but grateful to woke up in the nick of time for silver. Hurts like hell. There are many others that don’t own any gold. Can’t say what they will do but repeat another Katrina when the dollar collapse.

  9. vtgelectronics says:

    very nice! i just bought a quarter eagle today! i like gold but i have to stick with silver!

  10. Photo314159 says:

    Yep hindsight is always 20/20…unless you’re a politician, then it gets a little foggy, lol.

  11. Photo314159 says:

    Thank you!

  12. Photo314159 says:

    No I sold my gold when it hit $290 per ounce. I might have had 5-6 ounces plus some platinum at the time. I wish gold was $39 an ounce for like a day now and only I knew about it, lol.

  13. Photo314159 says:

    Yeah, silver does seem to be so much more popular no doubt because of the price. I like gold too though, because it’s worth so much more and it’s a pretty metal.

  14. Photo314159 says:

    Yes. Two for the price of 15 here today, lol.

  15. faranginlove says:

    I don’t like having my gold and silver in a package. I take them out right away.

  16. Photo314159 says:

    Thank you. You were my inspiration actually with your tiny gold collection, lol. You can never predict a big dip like the last couple days though. I try to buy on dips too. I’ll check out those half ounce Maples. 🙂

  17. greg williams says:

    wow :-/ i can only imagine – i only started in december so…. man i feel your pain – thats just gruesome…but in heinsite we all have 20/20 hey? but this is for certain – one day we are all gonna be gazillionaires…wellllll better off than the next person anyway?

  18. Photo314159 says:

    Oh yeah, silver was $4.50 an ounce then! I sold it all when it hit $10.

  19. rocky315w says:

    two kinds of porn on one show. appears to be a great buying opportunity for gold, when you cash that in your going to get a much bigger chunk if you ever cash her in.

  20. Jose Rodriguez says:

    good stuff buddy

  21. TheM3Silver says:

    Nice, I love gold unboxings! So many people is buying silver but gold is a really amazing metal 🙂 Great video! 😀

  22. gold maple says:

    You sold all your gold for 200 dollars. What’s wrong with you man. I am just giving you a hard time, rubbing salt on your wounds. I know way back in the 90s if I had known, I would have bought more gold. A little fact for you. If you lived in the early 60s/70s, gold was only 39 dollars an ounce man, can you imagine 39 dollars an ounce and if you lived in 1792, George Washington’s time, gold was 16 dollars an ounce. I wish I had a time machine to travel back in time.

  23. Adam C says:

    Excellent purchase and investment. Don’t worry about the gold drop, it’s just the fiat masters up to their old tricks. You can’t go wrong with gold and silver.

  24. gold maple says:

    Excellent choice of the 1oz Silver Chinese Panda, but I would seriously question your choice of gold purchases. If I were you I would have saved my money and bought a 1 oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, the purest purest gold coin with .99999 right away. Buy 24-carat (the purest gold possible) not this 22-carat Eagle stuff. You should have also splurged and got a 1oz 2013 Gold Chinese Panda or at least a 1oz Pamp Suisse bar . What kept you from splurging, man. I am disappointed in you. just joking

  25. greg williams says:

    Great choices - when you had your gold before you got for $250ozt , were you getting silver as well? or silver came later…just curious

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