Silver Stack Unboxing #8 | Silver Unboxing

Silver Stack Unboxing #8

How Can you loose track of your silver?
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SD Bullion

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14 Responses to Silver Stack Unboxing #8

  1. bitcoiner adamstgbit says:

    this makes me want to start stacking silver along side my bitcoin!

  2. grg3d says:

    @ dogsoldier thought I was removing my post opps sorry,
    I will take that as a “leave it in” response to the Pamp

  3. grg3d says:

    @ FTIdeas because I prefer the airtites over the Pamp card, In another Video I asked or polled the viewers in or out of the card….only 2 more days left…but the overall consensus is to leave her in

  4. grg3d says:

    @ gsxwrx I shop around to get good pricing…seems like no 1 dealer has the lowest prices on all the coins or bars I want in a one stop purchase a good example is the Maple Leaf there is over a $6 dollar per oz spread between sites and where I can get the best price on them, their other items are more expansive so that’s why also buying smaller amounts allows me to save even more when the price keeps dropping instead of buying all in one go

  5. gsxwrx says:

    You should order 500-1000 dollar a time, it will save you money in the long run. It seems like you are wasting money on small orders. I recommend provident metals.


    Love it!

  7. FTIdeas says:

    why would you buy a pamp swiss bar like that , and want to take it out of the packaging,

  8. EpicRV says:

    Your videos are always very entertaining — your quest for 100 ASEs is something I have been kind of thinking about. I was thinking I’d buy a monster box and document my quest to fill it. Anyway — great vid — thanks for the shout out.

  9. MunkeySpaz says:

    haha at least I know I’m not the only one who talks back to myself when I make videos. good stuff man!

  10. ThesharpNshiny says:

    Nice OPM bar, nothing wrong with diversifying the stack it keeps things interesting. Thanks for the shout out buddy, I really appreciate the support.
    BTW the outtakes are funny!

  11. romannmorozov says:

    nice gloves.. treat her well lol

  12. silverbobcat47 says:

    Hahahahahaha silver and a show I love this.

  13. greg williams says:

    thanks for the shoutout btw

  14. greg williams says:

    lmao – those bloopers crack me up. The pamp and the rubber gloves were just priceless – reminded me of a TSA agent moving in on lady fortuna for a cavity search hahaha – well done mate – ”you’re not a pamp” – SNIP!!! :-V hahahahaha

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