Silver Gold Bull (Small) unboxing | Silver Unboxing

Silver Gold Bull (Small) unboxing

A very small unboxing from silver gold bull. Had a discount coupon and so the price was right. I also ended up buying gold when it had slipped a few doll…

SD Bullion

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15 Responses to Silver Gold Bull (Small) unboxing

  1. nick540 says:

    The tracking number came fairly fast. Usually between 1-2 days. Sometimes faster.

  2. sam johnson says:

    i was wondering if they give me a track number for fedex right away , or does it take time after perchesing and paying for ur order ? and how long it takes to get it .

  3. nick540 says:

    Thank so much. I am glad when people like the videos. it makes them more fun and enjoyable to make. Thanks for the comment and happy holidays to you and your family!

  4. silverfish VT says:

    Nick, love the unboxing videos, good stuff, thanks for sharing.

  5. nick540 says:

    It was sent via PM in youtube inbox. Once you can afford gold the 1/10 and 1/4 Ounce are nice options. Keep stacking!

  6. nick540 says:

    Thanks for watching. Glad you are enjoying them!

  7. forvideos321 says:

    another great unboxing! keep em coming. 😉

  8. David E says:

    I have used SGB a number of times and not got a discount offer! Was it an email or a card… anyway, nice coin – I can still only afford silver for now, (approx 110 oz stack), but hope to get some small bits of gold next year… all the best!

  9. nick540 says:

    Very true

  10. CanadianCoinReviewer says:

    Bigger gold like 1oz and 1/2oz is nice but fractional gold is still great and over time you can accumulate more of it

  11. nick540 says:

    for sure, i do not have much gold but I am happy to do a full collection video at some point. I am still waiting for some key pieces to arrive before i do my full collection video, but i promise i will do one.

  12. nick540 says:

    Its a very nice coin. I just wish i could afford a larger one like a half or full ounce to be able to see more detail.

  13. nick540 says:

    Yeah they are nice. Yes there is a coupon code I received for $10 off.

  14. papermoney54 says:

    i wanna see a full silver/gold stack video

  15. CanadianCoinReviewer says:

    Panda is nice