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My Recent order of Silver from SIlvergoldbull. This is an unboxing of a 1/10th Ounce Eagle, 1ounce Indian head, and a 10 ounce Year of the dragon coin from t…

SD Bullion

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  1. Silver Stackz says:


  2. SilverCoinMan says:

    @nick54 sorry for commenting on your videos this much, but it just makes me crazy when I see guys like this one that just go around and tell nonsense, after they learned a term or few about coins, and being all smart. Plus advertizing a company that went bankrupt and stole money from their customers (PMH). This guy has lately been going around every video that is on SGB playlists, I just noticed it, and can’t fight the urge to respond to his snotty comments!

  3. Kaynos says:

    I’m up to 4 orders with them and I’m very impressed, they generally ship within 2 or 3 days max. It’s way better than some other company i tried PMH that make you wait 10 working day before they ship. I only buy from SilverGoldBull from now on.

  4. nick540 says:

    It usually takes about a week to arrive but can take up to two weeks. they usually send it pretty fast.

  5. Kaynos says:

    I just ordered my first package from them, i paid using paypal, i’m wondering how long did it takes for you to have your item shipped from the day you order ? I’m also in Canada. I just discovered their site and they have very good price, i think these guys are going to be become my main source of silver from now on.

  6. silver john says:

    thanks mate kind regards

  7. nick540 says:

    Will do Silver John, thanks for the comment!

  8. silver john says:

    nick540 nice one please have a look at my collection plz rate comment and subscribe

  9. nick540 says:

    Not too sure, I would give them a call. When i oder ground shipping to BC it takes about a week to arrive.

  10. Mo Di says:

    how long does it take to recieved shipment to Ottawa,Ontario

  11. Keemm89 says:

    has anyne here tried sellng their precus metals to SGB or in Canada?

  12. nick540 says:

    So far they are the lowest for shipping i have found. if i find something better i will let you know. Thanks for the comment!

  13. Keemm89 says:

    lol I’ve never made a youtuve video before but I will try..! 😀

  14. nick540 says:

    Congratulations on your order. I did receive a tracking number from them but it did not work. I would not worry too much they are very reputable. Please do an unboxing when you receive your order and post it in the video response section if you dont mind. Thanks!

  15. Keemm89 says:

    hey I just ordered from silvergoldbull and I’ve got the email saying they got the payment but I was not given the mail tracking number…
    were you given tracking number when you bought yours?

  16. nick540 says:

    yeah the shipping is high. I only order when its large amounts then i can justify

  17. John Singarti says:

    I want to buy silver from silvergoldbull but the shipping is a game killer for me. 30$ for 1 oz of silver? wtf.

  18. Yassir Abidin says:

    Do they use the boxes for all shipment? I thought you are going to unbox a 12 tubes of silver! lol

  19. nick540 says:

    yes they are, not so bad when you get into the larger coins like the 10oz or 1 kilo

  20. styllcantfeelmyface says:

    nice pick up. i want to purchase a few 1 oz dragon coins but the premiums are crazy