Silver unboxing from provident | Silver Unboxing

Silver unboxing from provident

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  1. grg3d says:

    Nice score SG85 been following you and your stack is growing I like it I want to get some 5oz bars to match my 1 oz bars its the OCD thing but I’ve been working on getting all the 1oz bars first….Keep on Stacking

  2. BAT MAN says:

    Dude I just received my silver order, and every single one of the rounds was dirty and scratched up so I spoke to a customer service rep and he told me to send an e-mail with the invoice attached and they would send me a return label and then send me new ones.

  3. Silverguitar85 says:

    I’m not sure on a credit card. I paid by check. Once my check cleared it took about three days until it shipped. I assume the credit card payment clears immediatly.  Sounds like a good assortment of silver. I look forward to the unboxing!

  4. BAT MAN says:

    This will be my second silver order, ever
    My first was from silvertown I ordered 10 1oz bars, their pretty cool
    This order will include, 1 silver eagle, 1 austrian Philharmonic, 1 Canadian Maple Leaf, 1 Mexican Libertad and 20 OPM 1oz rounds
    I’m so exited.

    Do you know how long it takes to ship if I paid with my credit card, which i did

  5. Al C says:

    Monarch is also good they dont take personal checks but do take usps money order which onli cost about 1.30 and you just mail payment all in one spot. I ordered 10 oz bar from monarch on 30th and sent money order same day. They just emailed me today saying they got my money order and it will be mailed out i should have it by Saturday. which is a 9 day turn around. though monarch is only 300miles away from me in Oregon i am in cali

  6. Silverguitar85 says:

    You won’t be dissapointed.

  7. Silverguitar85 says:

    I agree it was a good turn around, I am very happy with Provident Metals. I did a silvertowne order as well last month and it took 3 weeks. Thanks for watching!

  8. Al C says:

    Thats quick shipping for paying by check… I waited 3 weeks on a CC order from silvertowne for just 3 oz’s.. Smart buys stick to those bars and rounds keep your cost per ounce to a minimum

  9. BAT MAN says:

    I ordered 20 of those rounds a few days ago